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Easter Greetings April 2014
Buongiorno test7,        
Easter and early Spring time are some of my most favourite times in Italy, and Tuscany becomes an explosion (literally in Florence - see below!) of activities and flowers of all colours.
It' a great time to bring the family, Italy is child-friendly all year round! The temperatures are warm in the daytime and just a little cooler at night but there are no queues or full restaurants to contend with at this time of the year. We have hundreds of properties to choose from so there is bound to be something just right for you.
Just get in touch and lets see what magic we can work for you.

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Florence and the Explosion of the Cart

On Easter Sunday, Florence celebrates in a very special way. The Scoppio del Carro, or the "Explosion of the Cart", dates back over 350 years. An intricate wagon built in 1622 and standing two to three stories high is pulled by a pair of oxen decorated in garlands through the streets of Florence to the square between the Baptistry and Cathedral.This tradition finds its origins in events that are partly historic and partly legendary. A young Florentine member of the noble Pazzi family named Pazzino,  apparently took part in the First Crusade in the Holy Land in 1099. When he came home, he brought back three flints from the Holy Sepulchre that he had received for his bravery.


Today, the ceremony continues in the same way in which it has been celebrated for centuries. Starting around 10am, a priest rubs Pazzino's three flints together until they spark to light the Easter candle. The candle is then used to light some coals which are placed in a container on the Cart and the procession delivers the Holy Fire to the Archbishop of Florence before Santa Maria del Fiore, better known as the Duomo. The cart is accompanied by drummers, flag throwers and figures dressed in historical costume as well as city officials and clerical representatives.


The Cart, full of fireworks, waits in front of the cathedral. From the cathedral's altar, when the "Gloria" is sung inside the church, the Archbishop uses the fire to light a dove-shaped rocket (called the "Colombina" and symbolizing the Holy Spirit) and this in turns flies out down a wire to the outside of the church and hits the Cart in the square, setting off a spectacular firework display to the cheers of all. If the ritual proceeds smoothly and all of the fireworks go off, good luck is ensured for a good harvest for this year as well as for the city and its citizens - so there is hope for a wonderful explosion of the cart every Easter!


Florence is the capital of Tuscany. It has almost half a million inhabitants and lies on the Arno River at the foot of the Appenines. The cultural and physical impact of Florence is overwhelming, its museums, palaces and churches contain more art than perhaps any city in Europe. Check out our villas in Florence 

Eurochocolate - International Chocolate Exhibition


Perugia's Eurochocolate Festival is Europe's most famous festival of its kind and is set to fill the streets of Umbria's capital city mid October with a celebration of all things chocolaty. Featuring chocolate from all over Europe, visitors delight in free sample tastings, visit related exhibitions and demonstrations, sample some of the latest chocolate-based beauty treatments and even marvel at huge chocolate sculptures carved in the Piazza IV Novembre. Wandering through the medieval streets, you will find the main piazzas and streets are scattered with stalls selling chocolate in its pure form or blended into ice creams, cakes, pastries and even savoury dishes. For those looking to brush up on their culinary skills, there are chocolate cooking classes, while informative seminars will educate people in the nutritional and dietary benefits of the tasty treat.

The chocolate festival is of course also the perfect excuse to visit the medieval city of Perugia, known as 'The Green Heart of Italy' offers a wealth of architecture and surrounding countryside to explore and an abundance of chocolate will all make for a delicious week away.

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Family Holidays at Lower Prices

Tuscany is the perfect place for a family holiday, offering lots of sunshine, glorious countryside and some of the best ice cream you'll ever eat! Exploring the region from your very own Tuscany villa rental means you have the freedom to eat in or out and can be a very cost effective and relaxing way to spend some quality family time here. 

 Casa Allegra in Montebuoni  


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As you celebrate or catch up with family and friends this Easter, it may be a good time to plan that Tuscany trip together! Take a look at all our Villas


Buona Pasqua!


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