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On the road between Castellina and Monteriggioni there is a lake where you can go fishing. To find it follow the signs for Osteria del Laghetto, then continue passed the restaurant. Shortly after you will see a road that goes left up a hill, there is a sign for Poggio di Capanna. At the end of the road there is a lake which is next to a restaurant. Here you can pass a relaxing day, and maybe even catch something for dinner.
All equipment can be rented at the lake (only at weekends) and you pay for the number of rods that you use and not the number of fish that you catch. During the week you can get access to the lake by asking at the restaurant, while on the week ends there is a man at the lake who you can see for equipment and payment.
Open:  The whole year.

Fly fishing
The best place to go fly fishing is Sansepolcro, west of Arezzo in the river Alto Tevere. This is about 1h40 from Siena. You need permission.

In the Chianti you can go to the river Marselone, you will need permission. The permission you can get from  Caccia e Pesca, a shop in Siena, which is easy to find. It is near the Siena nord exit from the dual lane carriageway between Florence and Siena, once off the dual-lane carriage way follow for the centre and you will find yourself on Via Fiorentina.

101, V. FIORENTINA 53100
Tel. +39 057751417
They speak some English and they are specialists in fly fishing.

For expert fly fishing guides and tours contact www.flyfishingitaly.com. They provide the best possible experience for anglers seeking an Italian Fly Fishing adventure. They have hand-picked expert, friendly and humorous, professional guides. The guides are patient teachers, fantastic company, and an excellent reason why Fly Fishing Italy was created. Whether you are a seasoned fly fisher or a first-timer, the guides will constantly amaze you as they teach you their tips and techniques.

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