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Spa and hot springs
Legend has it that an angry Saturn hurled a lightning bolt into the ground causing the warm sulphurous waters to flow from the crater of a now extinct volcano! The waters cascade down from a waterfall into various tiered pools where you can swim in the warm therapeutic water. Scoop the mineral filled mud from the bottom of the pool and smear it all over your body, leave for a few minutes before rinsing it off under the water for baby soft skin.

Directions: - From Saturnia drive out of town. At the main road turn right. The big spa will be on your left. Just past the entrance to the spa on your left you will see a hot river running through a field. Continue down the main road until it makes a sharp turn to the left. The hot springs waterfall is located on your right at this corner. Take the dirt road in and then turn right into a large parking area.

The thermal waterfall and pools are free of charge but it does get busy in the peak summer months. In addition there are also pools and spa treatments available in the nearby spa http://www.termedisaturnia.it/en/main/spa-and-wellness/thermal-pool/  

Treat yourself to a wonderful relaxing massage in the comfort of your villa. Ivana offers the following massages:

Ayurvedic Massages
Ayurveda is one of the most ancient medicine in the world, and finds its origin in India. Ayurvedic massage, thanks to its techniques and for the oils used, can be easily personalized and shows its effects both on a mental level, helping relaxation, and physically, revitalizing all the body systems.
Generally this massage helps body’s self-healing processes. In India it’s a daily habit. 
A continuity in the massage helps preventing many skin problems, increases physical resistance, patience, wisdom, sexual vitality and beauty. Moreover it can help against cellulite and favors toxins elimination.
Normally a complete massage session takes about 70 minutes; upon request, partial massages are available (back, legs, neck), they normally last about 30 minutes. 
Only organic vegetal oils are used for the massages. We suggest to wear a swimming suit.

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese art of massage in which the pressure of the fingers is used to release and thus realign any energetic imbalances, provoking an intense sensation of relaxation even after the first session.
It’s very effective by itself, or combined with other therapies, where emotional imbalances and stress are background factors. It’s recommended to solve problems of insomnia, anxiety, muscular tension, headache, digestive diseases.
Shiatsu is indicated also for locomotor apparatus imbalances, that means it can be used to relieve back pains, distortions and muscular pulls, neck and shoulder stiffness, articulation pains.
It’s normally done on a futon, on dressed body, so we suggest comfortable clothes, possibly in natural fibers. A session lasts about 60 minutes.

Ivana Echerle graduated at the European Shiatsu Institute of Milano, and has worked for many years with several Spas, Hotels and Farm Houses of the area.
The area of Tuscany that she works in includes Castellina in Chianti, Tavarnelle, Barberino, Panzano, Poggibonsi and San Casciano
For bookings and further information call Ivana +39 3392244510

Leonardo Lo Russo
Based in Gaiole in Chianti Leonardo is a qualified practitioner specialising in Reiki and Reflexology as well as the different Massage disciplines including Indonesian massage. He is available for treatment in your villa, or if you would prefer to visit him he can be contacted on Tel: 392.5181773
His surgery hours are as follows:-
Gaiole in Chianti: Monday 09.30 – 19.30
Poggibonsi: Tuesday and Thursday 14.00 – 20.00
Siena: Friday 10.00 – 19.00
Email: info@leonardolorusso.com
Via Galileo Galilei, 16
Gaiole in Chianti

Spa and hot springs

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