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Volterra restaurants
This restaurant has a beautiful dining room with XIX  frescoes. It is a bit expensive but good; in the summer there are tables to dine outside on the main square of Volterra.
Piazza dei Priori 6-8
Volterra (Pi)
Tel. +39 0588 86064

Vecchia Osteria dei Poeti
Very sophisticated ambience and excellent service providing delicious food, this restaurant is cosy but there is a limited number of seats so be sure to book. The prices are good.
Via G. Matteotti 55
Volterra (Pi)
Tel. +39 0588 85100

Dolceria del Corso
Located in the historical centre of Volterra, this is a not to be missed pastry shop for its excellent Tuscan traditional sweets and cakes.
Via Matteotti 31
56048 Volterra
Tel. (+39) 0588 86182
Fax (+39)0588 88242

Divino in Veritas 
Restaurant and enoteca located in the historical centre of Volterra, just 30 meters from Piazza dei Priori. The owner Graziella will welcome you with great quality starters (ham, cold meat and cheese it the top choice) and good pasta dishes. Excellent wines selection.
Piazza Minucci 1
Volterra (Pi)
Tel. +39 0588 520028

Gelateria "Chic & Shock"
This ice cream shop must not be missed. Also try the excellent chocolate cookies.
Via dei Marchesi 13
Volterra (Pi)

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