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Volterra restaurants
La Grotta
Via G. Turazza 13
This is a very nice not expensive restaurant and pizzeria, in the summer there is outside seating.
Tel/fax: (+39) 0588 85336

Piazza dei Priori 6-8
This restaurant is a must. Inside there is a beautiful dining room with XIX frescoes. It is a bit expensive but very very good; in the summer there are tables on the Piazzia dei Priori
Tel: (+39) 0588 86064

Vecchia Osteria dei Poeti
Via G. Matteoti 55,
Very sophisticated decoration but with excellent service providing delicious food, there is a limited number of places so be sure to book. The prices are good.
tel : (+39) 0588 86029

Dolceria del Corso
Via Matteotti 31
56048 Volterra
Not to be missed for excellent cakes and pastries
tel. (+39) 0588 86182
fax. (+39)0588 88242

Via San Lino 33
A new restaurant located in a cellar of an old palace. The restaurant is tastefully and well decorated, it has gourmet cooking with a typical Tuscany flavour. The service is pleasant and there is a great wine list. Last but not least the prices are very reasonable. A must in Volterra! 
Tel: +39 0588 86298

Gelateria "Chic & Shock"
Via dei Marchesi
This icecream shop must not be missed. Also try the excellent cookies.

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