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Passion4Tuscany - Michela Ricciarelli
If you have never been to Tuscany or want to dig deeper for a truly authentic experience, Tuscany-born Michela Ricciarelli can certainly help. As a qualified and certified Tuscany tour leader and personal shopper, she specialises in organising Tuscany walking tours tailored to foodies, fashionistas and art-buffs in Florence, Pistoia, Lucca and the countryside.
From visiting the most charming towns and villages, to attending outdoor classical concerts in scenic surroundings or even creating your own perfume in Florence; Michela’s local knowledge and the passion she feels for her region make for some truly magical experiences.

Passion4Tuscany - Michela Ricciarelli
Web: www.passion4tuscany.com
Blog: www.passion4food4fashion.wordpress.com
Tel: +39 (0)328 4410375

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