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Puccini festival
An opera festival in honor of Giacomo Puccini. Ideal to combine with a visit to the beautiful city of Lucca. For more information, including the program and ticket information visit the site www.puccinifestival.it
Location: Lucca

Estate Musical Chigiana
A classical concerts held in the Palazzo Pubblico, for more information email accademia.chigiana@chigiana.it or visit the website a www.chigiana.it
Location: Siena

Tuscan Sun Festival
A music and arts festival that brings world-class musicians to Cortona, as well as presenting local delicacies, wines, art exhibits, literary and cooking events and wellness sessions
For more info visit www.tuscansunfestival.com
Location: Cortona

2 August

A procession of illuminated fishing boats in honour of the patron saint.
Location: Porto Santo Stefano

(First Sunday)
Sagra dei crostini 
Crostini are toasted sliced bread with various toppings, typically they are eaten as a starter. This is a small sagra but the crostini are excellent and you choose from many different types. There are also first and second courses available but you can fill up easily on all the crostini available. At this sagra you help yourself and pay for what you take.
Location: Ruffolo, Siena

(first sunday)
Festa del ringraziamento
A festival where the people of San Gimignano celebrate and thank their patron saint after whom the town is named. There is a ceremony in the cathedral.
Location: San Gimignano

13 August
Tratta e prima prova del Palio di Siena

The horses that will run in the Palio are assigned to the contradas in the morning and at 19.15 the first trial run takes place.
Location: Piazza del Campo, Siena

10 August
San Lorenzo
A regata on special wooden boats between the young of port of Giglio
Location: Isola del Giglio

10 August
Balestro del Girifalco
A historical crossbow tornament. Before the tornament starts there is a parade in historical costume.
Location: Massa Marittima

14 August*
Provaccia del giostra del Saracino

The trial runs for the joust of Saracino, held in the Piazza Bargagli
Location: Sarteano

14 August *
The Palio preparations
9.30 Heats to select the horses that will run on the 16 August.
13.00 Horses are allocated to the contradas
19.30 The first trial run.
for more information on the Palio click here
Location: Piazza del Campo - Siena

15 August*
Palio marinaro
This traditional boat race is preceeded by a procession in costume.
Location: Porto Santo Stefano

15 August*
Palio marinaro
A boat race recently introduced as a tourist attraction.
Location: Castiglione della Pescaia

15 August*
Palio preprarations

9.30 Second trial run
19.30 Third trial run
Location: Piazza del Campo - Siena

16 August*
Il Palio

The world famous horse race of Siena. This is an event not to be missed. If you are planning to watch it from the square, where entrance is free, make sure you bring lots to drink as it gets extremely hot and there are lots of people which causes it to be even hotter. For full information on the Palio click here.
Location: Siena

17 August*
Procession of victory
The contrada who wins the Palio parades through the city in celebration showing off the Palio which was won. There are drummers and flag bearers who accompany the Palio.
Location: Siena

(the week of the last Sunday)
Bravio delle Botti
The 8 contradas of Montepulciano compete rolling barrels through the main street of the city. During this week the contradas practice in the evenings.
Location: Montepulciano

Bravio delle Botti
At 9.00 the starting order and the allocation of the barrels is done. At 15.00 there is a historical procession through the city.  At 19.30 the race takes place after which there is a dinner in all the contradas of the city.
Location: Montepulciano

Music Fest Perugia
This classical music festival is held over two weeks in August, MusicFestPerugia produces classical concerts in the historical and sumptuous surroundings of Sala dei Notari, Basilica di San Pietro, the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo and the Caio Melisso. Performed by a combination of world famous professionals, and their most promising students, MusicFestPerugia aims to keep the classical repertoire vibrant and alive"
website: www.musicfestperugia.net/
Location: Perugia

(Last weekend)
Feast of Forgiveness

In the evenings in the town live music and dance, food stands and pizza, crafts market, with fireworks on the last evening.
Location: Radda in Chianti

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