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While on holiday you might want to continue to partake in your favorite sport especially if you have some extra time for yourself. The following are the tennis courts in Tuscany, Orvieto and Perugia where you can go and play even if you are not a club member. Please note that you should book in advance since they allow club members first and they have tennis lessons all year.

Arezzo clubs
Circolo Tennis Federico Luzzi

Via Vecchia, n.15 - 52100 Arezzo
Tel. (+39) 0575 20262 , Fax (+39) 0575 324838
Both clay courts and acrylic hard courts available.

Circolo Tennis San Leo
Via Doninzetti  - 52100 Arezzo
Tel. (+39)  347 0824696
Acrylic hard courts only.

Chianti area clubs
Impianti Sportivi Comunali – Castellina in Chianti
Località Fonte al Coscio, Castellina in Chianti (Si)
Tel. (+39) 338 2012932 (Cesare) , (+39) 339 7917831(Lorenzo)
Carpet court and acrylic hard court.

Associazione Sportiva Chiantigiana – Gaiole in Chianti
Via Marconi, 15, 53013 Gaiole In Chianti (Si)
Tel. (+39) 0577 749214
Acrylic hard court

Colle Val d'Elsa clubs
APA Tennis – Colle Val d’Elsa

Via Liguria, 1 - 53034 Colle di Val d'Elsa (Si)
Tel./Fax (+39) 0577 922012
There are two outdoor tennis clay courts and three indoor tennis acrylic hard court, all of these courts have lighting. At this club there are also changing rooms and a café and restaurant.

Florence clubs

To Tuscany tip!

Circolo Tennis San Quirichino
Via della Grillaia, 50124 Firenze 
Tel. (+39) 055 225687 
Email: tennissanquirichino@hotmail.it            www.circolotennissanquirichino.it
Located in between Scandicci and Galluzzo, Florence south, this club has four clay courts and a swimming pool where to relax among olive trees. There is also a restaurant / pizzeria onsite, open seven days a week. Very friendly atmosphere. Reservation needed, please call in advance.

Centro Sportivo Anchetta
Via Aretina, 42, 50061 Girone (Fi)
Tel. (+39) 055 6593122 Fax (+39) 055 6593301
Email: a.d.c.anchetta@virgilio.it
Clay courts, reservation needed at least two days in advance.

Circolo Tennis Valleverde
Via Del Carota 3,  50126 Ponte A Ema (Fi)
Tel. (+39) 055 640137
Email: l.guidozzi@eurosportitalia.it
Three clay courts and two acrylic hard court. There’s also a bar and a gym center.

ASD Tennis San Giusto Le Bagnese - Scandicci
Via Ponte A Greve, 119, 50018 Scandicci (Fi)
Tel. (+39) 055 2571889, 055 250691
E-mail: tennisangiusto@alice.it
Four clay courts.

Grosseto clubs
Circolo Tennis Grosseto

Via Cimabue 80, 58100 Grosseto
Tel./fax (+39) 0564 493162
Email: ctgrosseto4@libero.it
Four clay courts, two hard courts in concrete and one acrylic hard court available.

Tennis Club Manetti
Viale A. Manetti 33, 58100 Grosseto
Tel. (+39) 0564 21490
Two clay courts.

Circolo Tennis Orbetello ASD - Orbetello
Via Giovanni da Orbetello 2
58015 Orbetello (Gr)
Tel. (+39) 0564 867539
Fax (+39) 0564 1715150
Email: info@ctorbetello.it
Five clay courts, within easy reach if you spend an holiday in the area around Monte Argentario and Capalbio.

Tennis Club Argentario – Monte Argentario
Via del Campone
58019 Monte Argentario (Gr)
Tel. (+39) 0564 813552
Two clay courts within walking distance from Porto Santo Stefano

Lucca clubs

To Tuscany tip!
Dodo Tennis Club

Via Villa Landi, Loc. "Al Natucci", 55100 S.Cassiano a Vico (LU)
Tel. (+39) 0583 999637 
Mobile (+39) 346 5319879
Email: tennisclubdodo@virgilio.it
Open seven days a week and from 8.30 to midnight, Dodo Tennis Club has four clay courts (covered by airhouses in the winter), changing rooms, bar and a restaurant on site. There is free wifi and a spacious terrace where a coffee or aperitivo can be enjoyed while admiring the hills around Lucca. They also offer several different courses and activities including hatha yoga, Pilates, thai chi and reflexology massages. Courts and courses must be booked in advance. English spoken.

Centro Sportivo CTL – Camaiore
Via del Magazzeno 24-26
55041 Lido di Camaiore (LU)
Tel. (+39) 0584 67403 Fax (+39) 0584 650195
Email: ctltennis@tiscali.it
Ten clay courts, six five-a-side football courts and large bar on site.

Orvieto clubs
Tennis Orvieto 90

Piazzale dello Stadio 1
Loc. La Svolta, 05019 Orvieto (Tr)
Tel (+39) 0763 301456
Email: redazione@tennisorvieto90.it 
Located next to Impianti Sportivi Stadio Luigi Muzi (local sport facility and soccer stadium), this club has three clay courts.

Perugia clubs
Junior Tennis Club Perugia a.s.d.

Via XX Settembre 65/a, 06124 Perugia
Tel. (+39) 075 5725847
Six clay courts, plus swimming pool, spa, bar and restaurant on site. This club does not accept advanced booking, please check directly at the address above for daily availability.

Pisa clubs
Tennis Club Pisa

Piazzale dello Sport, 5 - 56122 Pisa
Tel. (+39) 050 530313, 050 532234
Email: info@tennisclubpisa.it
Five clay courts and bar/restaurant on site.

Tennis Cus Pisa
Via Federico Chiarugi 5, 56122 Pisa
Four hard courts in concrete. It’s not possible to book in advance by phone, please check directly at the address above for availability. Basket and five-a-side courts available as well.

Tennis Mediterraneo
Via Aurelia Nord, 4, 56122 Pisa
Tel./fax (+39) 050 532408
Five clay courts.

Pistoia clubs
Tennis Club Pistoia

Campi Comunali “Enea Cotti”
Via delle Olimpiadi, 3/A , 51100 Pistoia
Tel. (+39) 0573 32740
Located near the town football club and soccer stadium, it has four clay courts available. Bar and restaurant on site.

Siena Clubs
Dopolavoro Ferroviario

Piazza Rosselli 19, 53100 Siena
Tel. (+39)  (+39) 0577 44501
Email: dlfsiena@dlf.it
This club is next to the train station and easy to find, there is also a cafe here. Clay courts indoor and outdoor.

Circolo Tennis La Racchetta
Via Vivaldi 38, 53100 Siena
Tel. (+39)  (+39) 0577 221110
Three clay courts and one acrylic hard court. Please book at least one week in advance.

Tennis S.Andrea
Via Vignali
Loc. Sant’Andrea a Montecchio, 53100 Siena
Tel. (+39) 338 9301954 (Luca)
Two acrylic hard courts, one inside and one outside. This club is within easy reach if you are near Sovicille and Montagnola Senese.

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