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Travel insurance
We always encourage our clients to take out travel insurance, especially a  CANCELLATION PROTECTION SCHEME. A holiday booking is a legally binding contract. In the event of cancellation, for whatever reason, under the law the tenant is liable for any cancellation charges. In the best interests of tenants, TT strongly recommends a Cancellation Protection Scheme to cover the rental charges of the property and coverage should be taken at the time of booking. You never know what unforseen circumstances may cause you to cancel your holiday.
Insurance also helps with any misfortunes that you may have while on holiday.  Most insurances cost very little but if needed they can be very useful and can help ease your mind while in a foreign country or even before departure.

To Tuscany do not supply insurance cover.
Below is a suggestion for a well know UK insurance company, with other additional services they can offer.

Travel Insurance

Travel Safely To Tuscany With Top-Level Cover

Explore the glorious greens of Tuscany on your next holiday knowing that Essential Travel’s travel insurance has you covered. If you are hoping for some sunlight, far away from the chilly UK, our travel insurance will cover you instantly on your fine-art excursion through Florence or your wine-tasting adventures in Siena. Everyone deserves a break and Tuscany is waiting to show you its splendour.

Essential Travel is proud to have teamed up with To-Tuscany to ensure that you - and your Tuscan holiday - is kept safe and sound. Enjoy more adventure and exploration with our comprehensive travel insurance.

Benefits You Can Count On

Travel insurance from Essential Travel gives you great benefits when traveling, especially to the cultural region of Tuscany.

Receive first-class travel insurance benefits, including:

  • 24-hour emergency assistance
  • Over 50 pre-existing medical conditions cover
  • All policies are underwritten by White Horse Insurance Ireland Ltd
  • FREE Grade 1 sports cover as standard
  • Winter sports cover add-on’s
  • Specialised cover if you plan to backpack in Tuscany
We offer two policies to give you more options when you travel:

Single Trip

If you are planning to zip off to Tuscany for a weekend or enjoy a leisurely three month holiday, Essential Travel’s single trip policy is perfect for you. We offer great savings and travellers under the age of eighteen get free coverage when you choose a family policy.

Annual Trip

If you love travelling and you take many trips throughout the year, our annual trip insurance was made for you and may help you to save in the long run.

When you have travel insurance, you know that no matter what happens in Tuscany, you will be covered.

Travel Insurance Tips For Tuscany
  • Ensure that you have accidental cover if you plan to climb slopes in Tuscany
  • Take an annual trip policy and spend both summer and winter in Tuscany. If you decide to indulge in a few winter-sports, you can even add on winter-sports insurance to your policy
  • To prevent rushing to find adequate travel insurance, simply book online with Essential Travel
  • And if granddad wants to join you on the Tuscan adventure, we have over 65’s travel insurance as well More Offers For Your Tuscan Adventure Airport parking

    We also provide you with secure, safe airport parking at 25 major UK airports. Our options run from on airport parking (park on the airport premises), off airport parking (park just a few miles from the airport) and meet and greet services (one of the chauffeurs will meet and greet you when you drop off your vehicle). Simply book online(click here) to keep one of your most prized possessions safe when you travel to Tuscany.

    Comprehensive Travel Insurance To Meet Your Needs

    You cannot go wrong with our comprehensive travel insurance, airport hotels and airport parking deals. You never pay more than you have to with Essential Travel and we are proud to bring you impressive travel insurance while you explore the gentle green slopes and architecture that is Tuscany.


    For visitors from U.S.A.
    One area you should definitely consider when doing your pre-trip planning is to check with your medical insurance carrier to see if you and your family members are covered for illness, emergencies, etc. while in Europe. For example, your Medicare insurance will not cover you once you are outside the U.S., but you can purchase a medical insurance policy based on the number of days you will be in Europe. Please go this website: (http://www.travelinsurancereview.com) and look at the posted articles, reviews and links. It is an excellent resource and provides a lot of information to help you buy Travel Insurance online. If you are not comfortable purchasing this type of insurance online, ask your insurance carrier if they sell short term policies.

    Three websites we can suggest to purchase travel insurance on line are:


    All three of these sites are recommended by the Travel Insurance review website and are based on reviews from customers that used these companies.

    For visitor from other parts of the world.
    We recommend you use a travel insurance company based in your country of residence.
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