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Reviews Guidelines

The To Tuscany reviews platform is made by you and for you. What better way to tell if a villa is suitable for you than to hear what other guests have to say about it. By sharing your holiday experience online, you contribute to creating the perfect holiday experience for others. We believe that transparency is of utmost importance. All reviews - both good and bad - are vital to providing the best service and helping us understand where we may need to make improvements.


We value your contribution and encourage honest and factual feedback to help other guests. Please consider our guidelines below when writing your review:


All reviews should accurately reflect your own first-hand experience and should only be written by the person who is named on the booking. We invite you, by email, to write a review after you have stayed at the villa.


The review should be written within 12 months of your stay to keep the content fresh. Reviews are automatically removed after 3 years to ensure they remain up to date and accurate to the villa they relate to.


To Tuscany reserves the right to alter or remove reviews if:
  • any names of To Tuscany users, the company owner, employees or villa owners are included in the review.
  • there are references to other companies and websites (including links).
  • it contains violent, inappropriate or coarse language which the user refuses to remove after being notified by To Tuscany.
  • the review is not based on a factual holiday experience.
  • the contents of the review include ethics, politics, religion or wider social issues.
  • the review refers to the To Tuscany website layout rather than the property.
  • the review does not comply with applicable European, US or local country law.
  • there is a formal complaint in place. The review system cannot be used to influence a complaint.
We thank you for taking the time to leave your review. Your feedback is very valuable to us.