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Reviews Guidelines
Transparency is good for everyone
What better way to tell if a villa is right for you than to hear it straight from other travellers? All reviews, both the good and the bad, open up possibilities to build credibility, popularity and reputation.

To Tuscany traveller's reviews for you
The reviews platform is made by you and for you. By sharing your experience online, you contribute to creating a better holiday experience for everyone.

Reviews Guidelines
Your review can be extremely helpful to other travellers, provided it is honest and factual. Please consider our guidelines when thinking about writing a review. This will ensure that everyone can benefit from the To Tuscany review service.

• All reviews should accurately reflect your own first-hand experience. Concentrate on relevant points of your overall experience of the property such as (but not limited to) comfort, facilities, customer service, etc.

• State your honest opinions, but be fair in doing so, following these guidelines. 

• Reviews can only be written by clients who have placed a booking with To Tuscany and have a valid client account on our website. The review should be written within 12 months of your stay.

•Reviews are automatically removed after 3 years to ensure they are up to date and accurate to the villa they relate to.

• To Tuscany reserves the right to alter or remove reviews if:     
  • any names of To Tuscany users, company owner, employees or villa owners are included in the review.
  • there is reference to other companies and websites (including links).
  • the review contains violent, inappropriate or coarse language and the user has not changed the review after being notified by To Tuscany.
  • the review is not based on a factual holiday experience.
  • the contents of the review are based solely on ethical, political and/or value-oriented positions as opposed to a factual holiday experience.
  • the review only describes the To Tuscany website layout rather than the property.
  • the review does not comply with applicable European, US or local country law.
  • there is an official complaint. The review system cannot be used to influence a complaint.

•  Reviews CANNOT be removed if the villa owner and guest disagree on the course of events. It is practically impossible to prove who is right and in these cases, we recommend that the villa owner replies to the review so that other users can see their version of the matter.

Here are some frequent questions about the To Tuscany reviews found on this website:

How can I write a review?
We invite you (by email) to write a review after you have booked through us and stayed at a villa.

Who can write a review?
Clients who book through To-Tuscany.com will be invited to write a review after their stay.

Can I edit a written review?
You are not able to edit a review once it is submitted.

Why has my review not been posted yet?
We receive many reviews. It can take a couple of days for them to appear on the website, especially in high season.

Does To-Tuscany.com amend reviews?
No. Once reviews have been moderated for obscenities, reviews are posted as they are submitted. To Tuscany reserves the right not to publish reviews that are offensive or factually incorrect or if an official complaint is made.

What is weighted scoring?
If a score is given on a client review that is extraordinarily low compared with other scores at the same villa or if the main issue causing the low score is dealt with or rectified, the score is weighted to ensure that the overall score is not misleading.

Does To-Tuscany.com write reviews?
Occasionally, if a villa has no reviews, is a new property or if the villa has received a redecoration you may see a 'Team Review' with an image of the member of the Team who made the review. We are proud that our reviews are written by real clients that have stayed in the villas they are reviewing.

Can I also leave a comment anonymously?
Yes, you can also leave a review anonymously; in this case only your country, date of review and 'you were travelling as' will be shown.

Can I write the review in the language that I want?
Yes, you can. We support the website in 4 languages. We advise you to write in the language that you chose while making the booking.