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Fishing in Tuscany

  • Fishing in Tuscany

    Fishing is a popular activity amongst the locals in Tuscany. In most towns there is a fishing and hunting shop where one is able to obtain information about the area and licenses.

  • Sea Fishing - Paolo Il Pescatore

    Paolo Fanciulli is a fisherman and environmental hiking guide with plenty of experience. He offers real fishing trips, organised according to the old practices of environmentally correct fishing. His tours show off the beautiful coastline of the Maremma Regional Park and its sea, providing insights to  its beauty , its secrets and its problems. 

    The tours which provide a full immersion in nature, start early in the morning in the port of Talamone with breakfast aboard his boat, Sirena (the Mermaid). Most end at lunch time, however if you choose a tour including lunch it will be provided aboard the boat. The number of participants can be up to 12 people. Paolo suggests wearing comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for wet surfaces for his tours.

    Info and booking:
    Tel: +39 333 2846199          

  • Fly fishing

    The best place to go fly fishing is Sansepolcro, west of Arezzo in the river Alto Tevere. This is about 1h40 from Siena. You need permission.

    For expert fly fishing guides and tours contact Fly Fishing Italy. They provide the best possible experience for anglers seeking an Italian Fly Fishing adventure. They have hand-picked expert, friendly and humorous, professional guides. The guides are patient teachers, fantastic company, and an excellent reason why Fly Fishing Italy was created. Whether you are a seasoned fly fisher or a first-timer, the guides will constantly amaze you as they teach you their tips and techniques.

  • Lake fishing Castellina in Chianti

    On the road between Castellina and Monteriggioni there is a lake, Quornia, where you can go fishing. To find it follow the signs for Ristorante Vallechiara. Owners of the restaurant also run the fishing at the nearby small lake . Here you can pass a relaxing day, and maybe even catch something for dinner.
    All equipment can be rented at the lake and you pay for the number of rods that you use and not the number of fish that you catch. During the week you can get access to the lake by asking at the restaurant, while on the weekends there is a man at the lake who you can see for equipment and payment.

    Open: The whole year
    Address: Loc Quornia, Castellina in Chianti (Si)
    Tel: +39 0577 740612 / +39 392 0577777

  • Lake Fishing Lucca

    In the upper area of the district of Lucca there are breathtaking natural areas where you can go fishing. You sure to be able to fish here, even in the hottest summer, as this is one of the most rainy provinces in Tuscany.

    There are two options
    1. Lago di Massacciuccoli is not famous only for the composer Giacomo Puccini who lived nearby and frequently hunted around the lake; the nearby village of Torre del Lago is sometimes mentioned with suffix "Puccini" in his honour. During spring and summer the lake is the ideal place to go fishing, rowing, canoing and sailing.

    2. River fishing in the Serchio. The natural basin created by Serchio, the river that crosses Garfagnana from north to south, from Sillano to a location beyond Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, is another place where to go fly fishing; from here it continues through the Media Valle touching the municipal borders of the Comune of Barga and crossing the territory of Borgo a Mozzano.

    You need permission to fish in the Province of Lucca, to obtain this inquire at the local administration:
    Provincia di Lucca, Ufficio Caccia e Pesca
    Via dei Bicchi 19
    55100 Lucca
    Tel. +39 0583 474260, +39 0583 474276, +39 0583 494279
    Open: Tuesday and Thursday 10.00-12.00 and 15.00-16.00, Wednesday and Friday 10.00-12.00

  • Lake Fishing Siena

    Lago di Chiusi and Lago di Montepulciano. These two lakes nearby Chiusi and Montepulciano are by far the best places where to go fishing in the district of Siena.
    Nearby the lake of Chiusi there’s also a typical friendly restaurant, ideal for lunch, Ristorante Pesce d'Oro.
    For fishing permission please inquiry at:
    Lago di Chiusi
    Address: Società Sportiva Lenza Etrusca, Loc. Sbarchino, Chiusi (SI) 
    Tel. +39 349 5524174

    Lago di Montepulciano
    Address: Amici del Lago di Montepulciano, c/o Centro visite la Casetta, Loc. Lago di Montepulciano,
    Tel. +39 0578 767343 / +39 366 3243647

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