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  • Siena Guide center

    This is the only Association in Siena whose members are all authorised guides by the present Regional law for the territory of Siena and several are also authorised for other provinces in Tuscany. The Guide Center is a member of ANGT (Italian Association for Tourist Guides) as well of AIGAE (Italian Association for Environmental & Hiking Guides). They have 90 professional people working with them and long experience in the tourist field all held together by enthusiasm and passion for their job and by an unconditional love for Siena and its very beautiful territory, protected by the UNESCO.

    Associazione Centro Guide
    Tel: +39 057743273

  • Silvia Roncucci

    Silvia Roncucci
    tour guide of Siena, San Gimignano and province

    Following her studies in art history, Silvia decided to devote herself to the gratifying profession of tour guide in Siena- the city of Palio race, and throughout the province. On the personalised tour you can appreciate art and history, admire amazing landscapes and taste the great cornucopia of foods and wines that characterise Siena and its surroundings! You will also learn some interesting facts and bring unforgettable memories from the trip. Silvia offers brand new experiences and she will help to plan a personal tour for single visitor or group, children and adults.

    Tel:+39 0577286957 / +39 3334589271

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