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Organic Biodynamic Food

  • The Paradise of Frassina - Mozarts Vineyard

    Set in a stunning location with views of the famous town of Montalcino, this company is a real dream. The method of cultivation is surprising and very unique. The ancient vineyards have had speakers installed which play music from Mozart day and night. Studies have shown that the impact of this has proven beneficial with the plants being more vigorous with more defence against parasites and disease, therefore minimising need of the use of chemicals.

  • Bees at the Beach

    Donatella Baldi is the owner of a small organic farm, with a passion for beekeeping. This passion has led her to seek out unspoiled, healthy environments which are rich in flowers and intense fragrances in which to place her hives. The 'Honey Beach' honey is produced from the apiaries located inside the Natural Park of Migliarino San Rossore along the coast where herbs such as Helichrysum and Cistus can be found. In particular, the essential oils give the honey its distinctive taste and aroma, combining the known health properties of honey and anti-inflammatory properties of Helichrysum.ToscaBio has partnered with this small Tuscan company to distribute exclusively in Europe.
    This honey is quite unique and combines well with hard cheese such as Parmesan and Pecorino, and is best appreciated with granola and dark bread.

  • ToscaBio

    ToscaBio offers a selection of high quality, organically grown food or food produced with a biodynamic approach. Biodynamic agriculture is a method of farming based on two principles: composting and phases of the Moon.

    The founders of ToscaBio are Claudio Rubegni and Telsche Peters:
    Claudio was born and raised in Tuscany and has a vast knowledge of the culture and food of the land. Telsche grew up in Kiel, Northern Germany and is a journalist with an interest and good knowledge of the wine and food industry.

    All the producers for ToscaBio are organic farmers, mostly small family concerns. The care and attention found within those family-run farms is believed to be what creates  genuine, quality products restoring the true flavours of the land.

    The products are shipped directly from Tuscany, assuring customers of freshness and quick shipping within Europe. The aim is to offer customers the best quality of food products from Tuscany such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Honey, Jams, Sauces, Pasta, Aromatic Salts, wines and much more.....
    ToscaBio also distributes extra virgin oil and honey from the Tuscan estate 'Il Palagio' owned by the British rock star 'Sting'

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Cinque Terre Day Trip from Siena

Spend a day in the breathtaking Cinque Terre region with an expert local guide, on this must-do tour from Siena! After traveling by luxury coach, explore the picturesque villages of the UNESCO-listed area by foot, train and boat. Enjoy free time in Manarola, travel by train to Vernazza and then relax on a boat ride to Monterosso. Blend scenic views with a delicious lunch before hopping aboard another train to Riomaggiore and spending time at leisure before returning to Siena.

from 119,18 US Dollar

Florence Day Trip to Pisa, San Gimignano, and Siena with Lunch

Enjoy this full day trip to Pisa, San Gimignano and Siena from Florence. Learn about the Tuscany history through sightseeing, while visiting three most famous cities of the region, and enjoy lunch and dinner, as well as some wine-tasting.

from 81,26 US Dollar

Uffizi Gallery Tour

When masterpieces by Raphael, Botticelli and Michelangelo are only a small part of what the Uffizi's world-famous collection has to offer, there is no time for waiting in line.
Your guide takes you right in so you can get started!

from 40,09 US Dollar

Florence and Chianti Wine Tasting Tour from Florence

Get to know Florence as you explore the city with a guide, and learn about the city's history as birthplace of the Renaissance. Amble across the beautiful Ponte Vecchio, cross through the Uffizi courtyard, and gaze in wonder at the bronze ‘Gates of Paradise’ doors of Florence Baptistery. Break for lunch, and then while away the afternoon sampling wine at two locations: the medieval town of Monteriggioni and a Chianti wine estate.

from 60,67 US Dollar
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