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  • Dolphins and whales live in the waters off Versilia and can be viewed on day trips from Viareggio in the viewing season. Between May and mid-September visitors can join research groups that set off towards La Spezia in search of Cetaceans. Although whales and manta rays are not ruled out, a big school of bottlenose dolphins represents the principal attraction. The dolphin-watching trips take place in the Italian part of the Pelagos Sanctuary, a Mediterranean marine park monitored by Italy, France and Monaco.

    Several companies run whale-watching and dolphin-watching trips, including daily tours led by marine biologists on a Catamaran called Krill, leaving from Marina della Madonnina in Viareggio. Cetus, a non-profit association designed to safeguard whales and dolphins, has a base in Viareggio. There’s even a Cetus information centre and permanent exhibition on Cetaceans in the Maritime Museum in Viareggio.
    Address: Museo della Marineria (Maritime Museum), Lungo Canale Est 32, Viareggio
    T: 0584 944580 & 0584 371413
    Cetus Centre: Cetacean catamaran day trips (maximum 8 people)

    T: (+39) 335 6564469 &
    Tuscany Holiday: Dolphin and whale-watching day tours
    T: 055 0351186 &

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