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Borgo San Lorenzo restaurants

  • Ristorante Il Feriolo

    Ristorante Il Feriolo
    Via Faentina, Olmo
    50032 Borgo San Lorenzo
    Ph. +39 55 8409928
    Closed on Tuesday 

    Located just on the outskirts of Borgo San Lorenzo, Il Feriolo is a local restaurant well known for its specialised dishes of local mushrooms and truffles (Tuscany’s naturally grown ‘haute cuisine’). Other than picking and preparing its own truffles, this restaurant also prepares many other traditional dishes such as the Florentine beefsteak.

  • Ristorante gli Artisti

    Ristorante gli Artisti
    Piazza Romagnoli A., 1
    50032 Borgo San Lorenzo
    Ph. +39 055 845 7707
    Closed on Wednesday

    Well known for its expensive but delicious meals out. If you happen to smoke cigars you’ll also find a special ‘sitting’ room just for you!

  • Ristorante Teatro dei Medici

    Ristorante Teatro dei Medici
    Località La Torre 14
    (between San Piero a Sieve and Borgo San Lorenzo)
    Ph +39 055 8459876
    Closed on Monday

    Situated in a beautiful old refurbished villa on the outskirts of Borgo San Lorenzo, this popular restaurant serves tasty Tuscany dishes. See its website for further details and directions.

  • Ristorante Pizzeria La Griglia

    Ristorante Pizzeria La Griglia
    Viale Iv Novembre, 91
    50032 - Borgo San Lorenzo (FI)
    Ph. +39 055 8458527
    Closed at lunchtimes on Wednesday and Thursday

    Situated in the centre of Borgo San Lorenzo, this restaurant specialises in fish, seafood and meat cooked over open fires especially the renowned ‘Bistecca alla Fiorentina’ well known local beefsteak. It also does pizza and homemade deserts.

  • La Capannina

    La Capannina
    Via Montebello, 5
    50032 Borgo San Lorenzo
    Ph. +39 055 8494309
    This is a decently priced small ‘trattoria’ that does delicious pizzas and provides excellent service.

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