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Ballooning over the Chianti

  • Ballooning over the Chianti

    If weary of wine estates or in search of romantic memories, consider an amazing balloon ride over the Chianti. This works well for most people, from couples to families. Being on board a hot air balloon should provide a magical new perspective on Tuscany along with great photo opportunities.

    Very probably you will float above the hills of Castellina in Chianti and recognize the tower and the walled medieval fortress. That said, the precise route isn’t decided until the balloon launch as it all depends on the weather, especially the winds. Given the strategic location of the launch site in Tavernelle Val di Pesa, you should be able to admire the highlights of southern Chianti. This might range from Tuscan castles and Renaissance villas to aerial views of San Gimignano and the prettiest Chianti hamlets and wine estates. Certainly, there will be memorable views of silvery olive groves, vineyards and rolling hills. On a clear day, if the balloon flies high enough, you may even glimpse the Mediterranean reflecting the morning sun.

    The launch site is Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, in western Chianti, west of Badia a Passignano, San Donato in Poggio and Panzano. The hot air balloon rides take off in the early morning when the air conditions are best. Ballooning is never cheap (around € 250 per person, with a basket holding from four to ten people) but it makes for an unforgettable experience. For more, consult Balloon in Tuscany, the operators, or the Castellina tourism consortium, Associazione Amo Castellina in Chianti.

    Balloon in Tuscany. T: 055 8077940

    Address: Amo Castellina in Chianti (tourism advice and general excursion booking):
    Via Ferruccio, 40,

    Tel: 0577 740222

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