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  • Orvieto Area - the Province of Terni

    Orvieto Area - the Province of Terni
    The area surrounding the town of Orvieto is situated in the southwest of Umbria; frequently referred to as “the green heart of Italy” as it does not have a coastline. The area receives many visitors but has managed to remain unspoiled with its rolling hills, valleys, streams and beautiful woods. There are numerous beautiful hilltop towns in Terni, all of which have an abundance of artistic and architectural treasures, and Orvieto is a particularly breathtaking one. Take a good pair of walking shoes, as this stunningly beautiful region is best seen on foot as much as possible.

  • The Historic Town of Orvieto

    The Historic Town of Orvieto
    Set above sea level at an altitude of 325 metres, this wonderful medieval town will steal your heart. Sitting on top of a tufa outcropping called La Rupe, the views over the Umbrian countryside are stunning. Divided into two parts - downtown Orvieto and Orvieto Scalo – there is a funicular, a speedy, modern mechanical means to travel from one to the other. Do visit the archaeological museum, the Gothic Duomo, (cathedral), which has some amazing frescoes and sculptures. If you can get there in June, you will be able to see the pageant which celebrates these beautiful artefacts and the rivalry between the villagers of Bolsena; the exquisite costumes are created and cared for by local artisans. If you like shopping, then Via del Duomo and Corso Cavour are perfect.

  • Exciting Food and Drink

    Exciting Food and Drink
    If you are travelling within the Orvieto area, you can expect the unexpected together with extraordinary culinary delights. Enjoy incredible boar sausages, wild porcini mushrooms, fresh olive oil, wheels of Pecorino cheese and tasty black truffles. Also, try some “lumachelle”, a delicious snail-shaped bread.
    After all that shopping, sit down at a pretty Trattoria, with its gaily checked table cloths and enjoy local specialities such as strangozzi pasta, usually served with black truffles or a spicy tomato sauce which originated from Spoleto. Try also umbricelli with salsa di Trasimeno, a combination of lake perch fillets, shallots, garlic and chilli pepper. Soups are hearty for cooler days and the Orvieto area is famous for its meats such as lamb, pork, suckling pig and game, which can be grilled over an open fire or cooked on the spit; delicious fresh herbs are used to season.

  • Travelling Around the Orvieto Area

    Travelling Around the Orvieto Area
    With so much to see and do, by far the easiest way to travel is by public transport, such as the bus or train. The train service is excellent and reasonably priced and makes far more sense than struggling into the larger cities such as Florence with a car. Also, as many of the hilltop towns are now pedestrianised, the train is perfect. You can find the Orvieto railway station in Piazzale Gramsci, Orvieto Scalo. From here you can get to Milan and Rome, passing through major cities including Florence, Bologna and Arezzo. However, for travelling to the more remote parts, while there may be a bus service, it will be irregular, so car hire is the best option.

  • Beautiful Towns and Villages

    Beautiful Towns and Villages

    When visiting the small out of the way villages, such as Farnetta or Ficulle, you are well advised to take a good phrase book and dictionary as you will certainly need to practise your Italian. However, the bigger places are more adapted to the tourist industry, but they will still appreciate you trying; don't worry if the locals laugh at your attempts, this is just the Italian way of giving you encouragement!

    Let's also not forget the annual antiques market in Todi, held in the Piazza del Popolo during the last week in March, where it is possible to pick up bargains including art, antiques, bronzes, (watch the weight), ceramics and rugs. Guardea, east of Orvieto, will offer plenty to see, such as the Castello del Poggio, an 11th-century castle, or the church Chiesa dei Santi Pietro e Cesareo, built in the 18th century, which holds some Italian artwork within its walls. Although not a town, it is worth visiting Lago di Corbara, a barrier lake just down the road from Orvieto. The lake shares its name with the local wine region, where notably fruity read wine is produced from a mixture of various grapes.

  • The Tiber River Park

    The Tiber River Park – Do Not Miss It
    This is a jewel amongst the stunning countryside in the Orvieto area. Set along 50 kilometres of the River Tiber it passes through the Alviano nature reserve, the gorge of Forello and the stunning highlands of Titignano and Prodo. You will discover not only a wealth of beauty but also many activities such as hiking, cycling, horse riding and of course water sports including canoeing and kayaking. For something different there is also caving, although this should only be undertaken with an experienced guide. Do take plenty of bug repellent and sunscreen as being close to the water attracts the insects and being inland, it can get very hot.

    The Orvieto area, within the region of Umbria, offers everything you could ever wish for in a holiday and more.

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