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Top Travel Tips

We have decades of experience ensuring that all guests at our villas are well looked after, and we’re well accustomed to the apprehensions of pre-trip planning. For this reason, we’d like to share some recommendations for making your trip easy to manage and, above all, unforgettable.

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We made these pages for you, and we hope you find the ideas within them useful, clear and relevant. Our information is constantly being updated to match your requests and queries, so let us know if you have any questions or suggestions that we can add to our guides.

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Top Travel Tips

Keep Your Villa Secure

We advise that you keep your villa as secure as you would your own home. Vigilance doesn’t have to get in the way of a great time, so we’ve compiled some easy ideas for keeping your villa safe.
● Ensure all windows, shutters and doors are locked. This applies at night, when you’re out during the day, and even when you’re at the pool.
● If your villa has an alarm, make use of it. You can usually set alarms for when you are not at the villa, and during sleeping hours.
● We recommend that you do not bring expensive items of jewellery with you when you travel. However, any valuable items you do bring should be kept out of sight in order to discourage opportunists. Otherwise, they should be kept in the villa’s safe.
● If you are not satisfied with the current security arrangements at your villa, please contact us as soon as possible.
Contents insurance
Please check that you have sufficient contents insurance cover for any valuables and cash you may have with you. It is advisable that you have access to duplicate copies of your personal documents, including your passport and driving license. This will be extremely useful if the original documents are lost or stolen.
Contact us
In the unlikely event of a robbery at your villa, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to help you with the necessary procedures. This security guide is to enable you to safeguard yourself and your property in the event of unlikely misfortune. In other words, its purpose is not to worry you, but to help you enjoy your holiday without fear.
Be safe, don’t be scared - and most importantly, enjoy yourself in Tuscany!

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Guest etiquette

How to be an exemplary guest in your Tuscany Villa. Whether you're a seasoned Italophile or a first-time visitor, you may find a difference in cultural practices at your villa. Your To Tuscany villa owner wants you to have a great time and feel at home during your stay. Together with the To Tuscany villa owners, we’ve compiled some tips regarding common courtesies to practice during your stay.
The amount of communication you have with your villa owner largely depends on you and your needs. Inevitability some owners will want to communicate more than others. Some owners tell us that they don't want to annoy guests so they try to be brief. However if you want to ask questions and learn more about the surrounding area, owners are keen to engage with whatever level of contact is best for you while you stay in their villa. Should you communicate with your villa owner by text message, try to be responsive and timely.
Group size
Owners will be expecting the group size you have booked. Do not arrive with a larger group size. Check that the owner is okay about any plans you may have for occasional daytime visitors. Provided the request is within reason, the owners will be accomodating and may wish to register guests. Owners will be wary of letting unregistered guests into their villa due to liability reasons. The owners’ insurance might not cover unregistered guests and, if something were to happen, the owner would be responsible.
Be punctual for the fixed meeting times with your villa owner, such as check-in and check-out. We'll pass on your expected arrival time to your villa owner. However, sometimes your villa owner will want to confirm your expected arrival time with you directly on arrival day by text message. Please ensure you reply promptly. If your expected arrival time changes due to flight delays, traffic queues or any change of plans, please let the owner know to keep them from waiting. Similarly, be sure to have packed up and tidied the villa before your official check-out time.
House rules
Most owners will outline a set of rules that they expect you to follow during your stay. Most rules will be designed with your safety in mind or will cover use of amenities. Should any rules be unclear, or if you do not understand their purpose, feel free to communicate your concerns to the owner. They would prefer to offer you clarity from the outset.
If damage occurs during your stay at the villa, tell the owner straight away. Always be upfront about any damage. Owners tell us that their normal reaction to minor damage is to waive any fees as a matter of goodwill. However, on more substantial incidents, informing the owner when it happens means repairs can be carried out immediately, which eventually lowers repair fees.

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Your health and safety

Your health and your safety are our paramount concerns. Together with the To Tuscany villa owners, we have put together some tips to help you stay safe and healthy during your stay.
Swimming Pool Safety and Hygiene Tips
The swimming pools at our Tuscany villas do not have lifeguards, so it’s important to familiarise yourself with the design and the layout of the pool area prior to use. Take into account any depth changes or unusual features. Accidents at the swimming pool can happen when children are exploring soon after arrival. Make sure you know where your children are at all times.

●    Observe the swimming pool rules displayed on any notices around the pool area.
●    Swimming pools at your villa will not be suitable for diving unless otherwise stated.
●    Observe pool opening hours and do not use the pool after dark.
●    Do not swim immediately after eating a meal.
●    Do not swim after drinking alcohol.
●    Do not use the pool if you are suffering from an upset stomach or are feeling unwell.
●    Take a shower before entering the pool.
●    Ensure children use the toilet before using the pool.
●    Young children and babies should wear appropriate swimwear (i.e. pool nappies).
●    Before using the pool, ensure you know how to get help in the event of an emergency.
Smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors
Smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors are not common in Tuscany. We suggest purchasing one to bring with you when you travel, just in case your villa doesn’t have one. To view an example of a portable carbon monoxide detector click here
Review the safety features
After you have met your villa’s owner, you are invited to review the safety features at your villa so you know where to find the emergency equipment and safety information relevant to you. If you are unsure how to locate the first aid kit or the fire extinguisher are, ask the villa owner. They will want to make sure you are clear on all safety precautions.
Health Advice European Citizens
A health trade with the rest of the EU (including Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) offers reduced medical and dental treatment (including hospital treatment) when a European Health Insurance Card is presented (EHIC). An extra fee, plus part of the prescribed medication cost, is still to be paid by the patient.
Health Advice All Other Countries
To view the latest CDC Health Advice on Tuscany, click here. The CDC provides regularly updated information on how to stay healthy while traveling abroad, including advice on preventative measures and recommended vaccinations.
Emergency numbers
112 is the general emergency number in Italy for ambulance police & fire.

Direct Connection Numbers:
112 - Carabinieri (Federal police)
113 - Local police (plus ambulance and fire)
115 - Fire department
116 - Roadside assistance A.C.I.
117 - Finance police
118 - Medical emergencies
1515 - Forest fires

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Your Heating and Air Conditioning

No need for confusion. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about your heating and air conditioning into one concise guide. There are three ways in which usage is charged:

1.    Included
This means that all heating and air conditioning charges are included in the weekly rental price. There are no extra fees to pay for these services. Sometimes fuel, electricity and/or air conditioning are included in the price if the usage of said facilities is under a certain allowance. After exceeding said allowance, usage will be charged according to consumption.

2.    Fixed Fee
Otherwise known as Forfait, this means that there is a fee which does not vary depending on usage.

3.    By consumption
This means that the fees will be calculated according to how much the service is used. This is determined by meter readings and charged at a rate specified by the villa’s owners or caretakers. Please note that the prices are not always known to To Tuscany staff.
How to stay cool:
•    Close external doors, windows and shutters on the South side or where the sun comes in. This will prevent warm air and direct sunlight from entering the house.
•    Open doors and windows in the night and early morning to let the cool air in.
•    Switch the ceiling fans to anti-clockwise to draw the hot air upwards.
•    Make sure your sheets are changed during your stay. This will help keep them fresh and cool. [Please note that a change in bed linen may incur an extra charge.]

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