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Guest etiquette

  • Guest etiquette

    How to be an exemplary guest in your Tuscany Villa. Whether you're a seasoned Italophile or a first-time visitor, you may find a difference in cultural practices at your villa. Your To Tuscany villa owner wants you to have a great time and feel at home during your stay. Together with the To Tuscany villa owners, we’ve compiled some tips regarding common courtesies to practice during your stay.

    The amount of communication you have with your villa owner largely depends on you and your needs. Inevitability some owners will want to communicate more than others. Some owners tell us that they don't want to annoy guests so they try to be brief. However if you want to ask questions and learn more about the surrounding area, owners are keen to engage with whatever level of contact is best for you while you stay in their villa. Should you communicate with your villa owner by text message, try to be responsive and timely.

    Group size
    Owners will be expecting the group size you have booked. Do not arrive with a larger group size. Check that the owner is okay about any plans you may have for occasional daytime visitors. Provided the request is within reason, the owners will be accomodating and may wish to register guests. Owners will be wary of letting unregistered guests into their villa due to liability reasons. The owners’ insurance might not cover unregistered guests.

    Be punctual for the fixed meeting times with your villa owner, such as check-in and check-out. We'll pass on your expected arrival time to your villa owner. However, sometimes your villa owner will want to confirm your expected arrival time with you directly on arrival day by text message. Please ensure you reply promptly. If your expected arrival time changes due to flight delays, traffic queues or any change of plans, please let the owner know to keep them from waiting. Similarly, be sure to have packed up and tidied the villa before your official check-out time.

    House rules
    Most owners will outline a set of rules that they expect you to follow during your stay. Most rules will be designed with your safety in mind or will cover use of amenities. Should any rules be unclear, or if you do not understand their purpose, feel free to communicate your concerns to the owner. They would prefer to offer you clarity from the outset.

    If damage occurs during your stay at the villa, tell the owner straight away. Always be upfront about any damage. Owners tell us that their normal reaction to minor damage is to waive any fees as a matter of goodwill. However, on more substantial incidents, informing the owner when it happens means repairs can be carried out immediately, which eventually lowers repair fees.

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