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Donoratico and Cecina restaurants

Il Granocchiao Ingordo
125 Via Aurelia
Tel: +39 0565 775047

Ristorante Roma
161 via Aurelia
Tel: +39 0565 775134

In the centre of Cecina, near the old hospital. One of the best restaurants in the area. Booking definitely needed . Prices are commensurate, but worth treating yourself.
Via Verdi 22
Tel: +39 0586 68 09 00
(closed Monday)

On the old road to the sea (Marina de Cecina) - go under the (railway) bridge following the sign from the main (bus station) square, but turn right and then left on to a parellel road to the sea. The restaurant is a way down on the left-hand side.   Doesn’t look much from the outside but the food is very good – average prices.
Via C Ginori 51
Tel: +39 0586 620089
(closed Monday)

Donoratico Countryside

Il Vecchio Frantoio
8/a v. A Gramasci
Castagneto Carducci
Tel:  +39 0565 763731

Il Capellaccio
7 via V. Emanuale
Castagneto Carducci
Tel: +39 0565 766005

via Segalari
Loc. Crocino, Castagneto Carducci
+39 0565 763796

Zi’ Martino
via Bolgherese
264 loc S Giusto, Castagneto Carducci
Tel: +39 0565 763666

Il Poeta
Via Della Gherardesca 1 - Marina di Castagneto
This restaurant does typical dishes from the Livorno area, based mainly on seafood. It has a cuisine focused on simple dishes and seasonal products, using only natural ingredients which are always fresh, all accompanied by a selection of local wines.

Il Castagno
Via Campagna Sud, 72 - Sassetta
Really good homemade food and very friendly. The place is very nice, warm and welcoming with a beautiful fireplace for the cooler months. Recommended is the excellent pasta made from chestnut flour with a magnificent wild boar sauce.

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