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About us


It started over 20 years ago when our founder moved to Tuscany with his Italian wife and fell in love with Tuscany. The starting point was a simple question: How would a perfect trip to Tuscany look? Away from the stresses of day to day life. Just a villa, a beautiful location and a bounty of the best local food and wine. That fantasy is now a reality. To Tuscany offers some of the finest well equipped villas in Tuscany found in the most sought after positions. Add to that our tailor made experiences at some of the world's most incredible sites and landscapes before adding the most important ingredient: space and time together with family and friends.

What Makes Us Special

A To Tuscany villa stay isn’t something you can recreate from a guidebook. We live our locations and work with the ultimate experience providers and now we’re using that knowledge to create your dream trip. This is a villa stay but not as you know it. Get ready for an adventure.

Meet the team

  • Sean Caulfield


    Sean first got the flavour for working for himself alongside his father in their family confectionery business. His first lone start-up was wholesaling flowers and plants which he developed into a national supplier. He sold up and moved to the Chianti in 1997. After attending language school he invested in his first villas, following their rental success villa owners asked him to rent their villas, To Tuscany was born in the year 2000.
    Outside work he is a massive ski-touring fan and closer to home goes biking with his local team, all of which means he has an appetite for Italian food and wine, who wouldn't! He favourite quote is "The more you know, the more you know you don't know."

  • Lisa Leggate

    Company Director

    Lisa's first working venture was with Marks and Spencer, where she followed their renowned training and quickly became M&S youngest ever HR Manager. Lisa later took a few years away from work to tackle the task of raising her three children. Sean, the owner of To Tuscany and Lisa's brother, asked for some help answering a few guest emails, this has led to the siblings working alongside for many years nurturing a business of which they are both very proud.
    Outside of work Lisa is a football fan, following West Ham United through thick and thin as a season ticket holder, this hobby does not take her to Europe! However holidays are spent in Tuscany...Why? Because she and her husband never tire of the amazing food plus the breath taking views, astounding culture, friendly Tuscan people and of course the local Chianti olive oil and wine..... Favourite dish : Pappardelle al Cinghiale with a glass of Chianti wine.

  • Melanie Thwaites

    Villa Specialist

    Melanie has always had a passion for travel and started her career at a travel agency.  She then worked at Gatwick airport as a passenger service agent for a few years and then onto a large tour operator as an Operations co-ordinator. She then took a year off to raise her son and it was then she found To Tuscany where she has been able to bring all of her experience and passion together. Outside of work, Melanie loves family time, especially when she can travel and show her family the wonders of the world.

  • Karen Robertson

    Office Coordinator

    At the age of 9 years, back in the 1970s, a Christmas present from Karen's parents was a portable typewriter.  She loved using it, and a seed was sown.  For her, a natural career choice was in secretarial/administration. She settled at a law firm and worked there for 20 years before taking a 16-year break to raise her family.  Her search for part-time work brought her to To Tuscany Ltd and she is delighted and grateful to be part of such a friendly and supportive team. With colleagues from multinational backgrounds, for her, the world truly does feel a smaller, richer and happier place. Outside of work, she loves family-time, especially out on the golf course. She loves all things to do with nature and her favourite expression is: A smile takes only a moment, but the memory of it can last forever.

  • Emily Barker

    Marketing Manager

    Emily fell in love with Tuscany on her first visit which should have been a surprise from her husband…long story short…she ruined it! However, that didn’t retract from their incredible first experience of their now beloved region. In fact, they loved it so much, they decided to get married there. They married in the town hall in Radda in Chianti, in front of 35 close friends and family, the mayor (yes, the mayor performed the ceremony), their interpreter and several crowds of onlookers peering from café tables, windows and shops. All of whom are of course waiting for the invitation to the next big anniversary! With this in mind, you can probably imagine Emily’s excitement when she landed the job at To Tuscany, spending her days celebrating all things Tuscan and sharing the best this stunning region has to offer; which is absolutely everything.

  • Kristel Blaauw

    Sales Manager

    Kristel grew up in Germany where she was first introduced to different cultures and languages through the many holidays with her family and their Dachshund - the seed for international relations was sown! Her path crisscrossed Europe with studies and professions in travel & tourism, education, and self-employment as a translator in France and England. To make it truly European, she married a Dutch man!
    Her wide-ranging experience combined with the love for different cultures are brought together under one roof at To Tuscany. Working with an international team full of enthusiasm for the culture rich region of Tuscany feels like honey to the soul. Every trip to Tuscany brings new experiences, new discoveries, which leaves her wanting for more.

  • Valentina Petri

    Assistant Sales Manager

    Valentina was born and raised in Tuscany. At the tender age of 11, she undertook her first study trip to England and got the “travel bug”. As soon as she finished her studies in Pisa, she packed her bags and, full of the desire to know more about new cultures and a passion for languages, she assured her parents that she would leave for London for a few months... 10 years have passed since then! After several years as a hospitality manager and various successes in the field, the time was right for a change of scenery: this is when she found To Tuscany – the perfect combination, as it brings together the deep love for her home country whilst working abroad, surrounded by like minded people. For those who are wondering, why pack up and travel? Here is one of her favourite quotes: “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

  • Britta Kerr

    Villa Specialist

    Britta's first place of work was in a hotel in Germany where she started her venture in the hospitality industry as a hotel manager. She loved to organise events such as weddings and overnight stays and was in charge of looking after the onsite restaurant and B&B. Here, she was trained as a chef gaining the knowledge of local food and seasonal products which was another string to her Bow. When marrying a serviceman, she did not realise that this would broaden her horizons even further. Britta managed to travel and live in a few different European cities and therefore widened her passion for the hospitality industry in different countries. After several years working in the travel sector, she found her love for working for To Tuscany. Here she managed to bring her passions in life, which is helping guests with her customer service skills and the love for food, which Tuscany offers plenty of, together. In her free time, Britta loves cooking, baking and walking and she will try out new Tuscan recipes whenever possible. Fresh pasta is of course a must! Her favourite Quote is: Never do tomorrow what you can do today!

  • Sophia Ruhland

    Villa Specialist

    Growing up in Bavaria, Sophia enjoyed the benefits of being able to drive down to Italy in a matter of hours nearly every year throughout her childhood. One of her fondest memories is of a trip to Tuscany when she was 11. Her family stayed in a villa near San Gimignano and went on to explore the local area. Within ten days they had visited Siena, Volterra, Pisa and San Gimignano, seen the mountains, the beach and countless old churches and stuffed themselves with focaccia and antipasti. That's when she realised Tuscany really has it all. Getting bit by the travel bug, at 16 she moved to England all by herself, to first attend college and then university. Since finishing her MSc at the University of Kent she decided to stay in Canterbury and settle down with her partner. As our most recent addition to To Tuscany, Sophia loves the benefits of getting to look at the stunning images of our villas all day long and she thrives on the satisfaction of matching a client with their perfect accommodation.

  • Vinny Van der Linden

    Villa Specialist

    Vinny has always loved to travel. After he finished school and started a job at a local fish factory he decided to drastically change his life and chose to pack up and move to the Canary Islands to become a holiday representative. After nearly 10 years in Spain Vinny moved to England where he found To Tuscany. The many years living in Spain has taught Vinny his language and customer service skills he nows uses on a daily basis working for To Tuscany. Outside of work, Vinny enjoys reading everything about his biggest passion, football, and spending quality time with his little family.

  • Mikołaj Wierzbicki

    Mikołaj Wierzbicki

    Villa Specialist

    Mikołaj visited Italy for the first time as a teenager but fell in love with the Tuscan landscapes and Italian way of life after watching the movie "Stealing Beauty" which was shot in Chianti. A couple of years later he was looking for a villa for a wedding reception and met Sean, the founder of To Tuscany. Soon a former client became a villa specialist. Mikołaj travelled the length and breadth of Tuscany by car, bike and foot, raced in the L'Eroica, watched the Palio, visited vineyards, walked the Via Francigena and loved it all. A dinner of his dreams: tagliatelle con Tartufo, tagliata di manzo and a glass of Flacianello. Maybe two glasses. Mikołaj shares the opinion that every man has two Homelands: his own and Italy.

  • Fenja Schultz

    Villa Consultant

    Fenja has always loved languages. Despite already studying English, French, Spanish and low German in school, she took up Italian in evening school. After spending two years as an Au Pair in Ireland and Italy, she moved to the UK to attend University, and this is where she found To Tuscany. While her degree is mostly scientific, the possibility to work in a multinational team was ideal to practice all those languages. In her free time, Fenja loves to cook and bake, of course with recipes from all over the world. The first words she learned in Italian as a child were “Pizza funghi e prosciutto cotto, per favore“– still a commonly used favourite!

  • Maureen Somnica

    Villa Consultant

    Maureen is French and has lived in the UK for many years after studying tourism. She comes from Reunion Island, where she developed a passion for travelling and for foreign cultures and cuisines. She likes spending time outdoors, and particularly enjoys long walks and hikes. Each year, her mission is to extend her travel horizons and visits various countries throughout Europe. Although each country is special in its own unique way, she confesses that Tuscany certainly has a richness all of its own as well as a remarkably well-preserved heritage.

  • Sara Crivellaro

    Owner Representative

    Sara never ceases to explore new experiences and challenges that offer personal and professional growth. After careful planning and reflection, she took steps beyond her comfort zone, which led her to complete international studies in Italy with an exchange program in Finland.
    Over the years, she has gained wide experiences in the field of tourism, two of which she has been self-employed. Thanks to these different routes, she is part of the To Tuscany team, to which she brings international vibe, building connections with Italy, her home country.
    As a good Italian, who of course is not shy of sharing her love for food, she subscribes to the words of Virginia Woolf: "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”"

  • Silvano Falcioni

    Property Finder

    Silvano was born and raised in Italy near Florence and then at the age of 23 he moved to Germany. He lived in Munich for 14 years and from there had wonderful experiences travelling around Europe. In Munich he worked as a postman and in his free time he helped friends in their restaurant business until he met his wife, Tanya, who is from California. She worked for Lufthansa - so with this opportunity they travelled until the day they decided to have a family. They then moved back to Tuscany where they bought a little house which included over 600 olive trees within the grounds. In 2013 Silvano met Sean, To Tuscany's founder, where his To Tuscany partnership began. Silvano would highly recommend, if you are fortunate to visit Tuscany, to try some Tuscan wine, sumptuous gelato and not forgetting the olive oil!

  • Karen Humphrey

    Accounts Manager

    Karen has real a passion for people and has used this to its fullest throughout her career. Her family is the most important thing to her - including Syd the Sausage dog! She loves walking him in the beautiful Kent countryside. Her other passion is to sing - in the words of Ella Fitzgerald 'The only thing better than singing is more singing'. Karen loves being part of the team at To Tuscany and has enjoyed the privilege of many trips to this beautiful region with her husband Paul. Their favourite place is San Gimignano. The Tuscan food and wine is truly an experience in itself. Every return visit brings about that relaxed feeling of a home from home.

  • Dave Barratt

    IT Developer

    The experiences that Dave has shared with his wife, teenage children and friends when they travel are the ones that will always be remembered. He is passionate about travel, and feels incredibly lucky to be working in a team that really cares. Fuelled by strong Italian coffee, Dave develops and maintains the IT systems, bringing you a great online experience of what To Tuscany can offer.

  • Simone Vince

    Web Content Editor

    Simone grew up in the former East Germany (GDR) where travel abroad was strictly limited. When the Berlin Wall collapsed she moved to England where she achieved a first class honours in Digital Media. While studying she raised two children and worked part time making promotional videos and websites for enterprises, as well as running a successful self-catering holiday business. Simone is delighted to be part of the team at To Tuscany and would like to encourage everyone to stretch out, embrace new cultures and enjoy a great holiday. Simone’s favorite Italian food is bruschetta. She could eat it all day, every day.

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