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Our mission is to give guests a passionate connection with Tuscany. We believe that expertly advised travel is life changing. We want everyone to gain a cultural perspective and understanding of life in Tuscany and Umbria which may help them question their own values and lead to a better world.

What makes us special
Over 20 years ago, our founder Sean and his wife Sabina moved to Tuscany where they created their first villa rental in a restored Chianti winery and provided guests with unique, genuine and authentic experiences. Today guests can enjoy the same local knowledge and personal service Sean and Sabina offered in more than 600 of our superb rental villas.

Share our values
Empathy - caring for colleagues, providers and guests
Responsibility - leading by example and taking ownership of assigned roles
We not me - encouraging all voices and being generous with talents
Well-being - nurturing health and environments for a substantiate future
Tastefulness - opening up to a variety of cultural and aesthetic preferences

• Advance your skills with our constant review and development program and gain new talents as you develop in your role.
• Go on annual travel experiences to get familiarised with Tuscany, the birthplace of the Rinascimento, filled with awe-inspiring landscapes and home to some of Italy’s finest food and wine.
• Being at the heart of our niche travel company means you will experience working in a true family business atmosphere with regular contact with the owners.
• Working in a spacious air-conditioned environment allowing you the freedom to create and watch your ideas put into action.
• Enjoy working in Whitstable, one of the UK's most desirable seaside towns and have the chance to be healthy and happy!

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