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Cave Yoga in Tuscany

  • Beer Yoga, Horse Yoga, Laughter Yoga – you thought you’d heard it all. But how about Cave Yoga? Head to Grotta Giusti, near Pistoia, and you can take a class in this ancient art in the spectacular natural setting of millennia-old caves.

    This Tuscan spa retreat is renowned for its underground thermal labyrinth and lake – to the 19th-century Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi this place was “the eighth wonder of the world”. Rich in salt and sulphate and a soothing 34°C, the water and its vapours are prized for their curative effects on the respiratory, circulatory, osteo-muscular and nervous systems, as well as for treating skin complaints.

    Strike a yoga pose at one of Grotta Giusti’s new classes, led by a qualified instructor, and you won’t just enjoy a good stretch and shot of serenity, it’s claimed you’ll also benefit from the natural warmth of the caves, which enhance sensations, aid concentration and raise body temperature.

    For places to stay near Grotta Giusti, explore our collection of villas near Pistoia.

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