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Driving in Tuscany

  • Strade Bianche

    Strade Bianche or white roads are unpaved gravel roads that reach across the countryside of Tuscany and Umbria, weaving their way through oak forests, olive groves, vines, meadows and fields of grain. The white colour that gives these roads their unique character comes from the compacted local limestone gravel that forms them.

    Today the Strade Bianche are preserved as a national treasure. In 1997 the L'Eroica, a trend setting, non competitive cycling event that now attracts around 8,000 riders per year for the ultimate vintage bike challenge, was originally created to help preserve the Strade Bianche. Following the success of L'Eroica in 2017 a new Strade Bianche bike race was installed onto the professional cycling world tour calendar to kick off the in European season offering the juxtaposition of the modern, high-tech cycling circus with the ancient Tuscan trails.

    In the summer months most Strade Bianche traffic is peaceful and recreational whether by foot, on two wheels or fours wheels. Other road users include wildlife and farmers traversing from one crop to another and tourists looking out for the turn off indication to their villa.

    For the purpose of our guests we have divided the Strade Bianche into 4 categories:

    1. Unpaved, even: Standard road clearance vehicle recommended

    2. Unpaved, uneven: High clearance vehicle recommended

    3. Unpaved, uneven, uphill segments: High clearance vehicle and experienced driver recommended

    4. Unpaved, uneven, steep uphill segments: High clearance vehicle, experienced driver and minimum weight to power ratio of 20kg/KW recommended)

    Click on the link to check your vehicle’s weight to power ratio ratio:

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