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Things to do in Tuscany

Tuscany offers a vast array of activities to suit all tastes. No matter what your interests, there are plenty of things to do in Tuscany. Whether you enjoy culture, sport, shopping, art, history, festivals or being active, you will find what you are looking for in Tuscany.

As well as the well-known activities in Tuscany, such as wine tasting and guided tours of impressive artwork, museums and renaissance monuments, you can also enjoy some authentic experiences. Go off the beaten track and hike through the mountains, sample local delicacies at a food festival, or go horseback riding along the beach.

Tuscany has suitable activities for holidaymakers of all ages, from young children to teenagers and adults looking for something a little more cultured. Book a luxurious private villa in Tuscany that you can use as your base and relax after a long day of adventures.

Things to do in Tuscany

There are so many things to do in Tuscany, you will find it hard to fit them all into your travel itinerary. We suggest you book in advance of your trip.

Tuscan Recipes

Tuscany is known for its mouth-watering food, and world famous Tuscan dishes. It’s a magnet for foodies, and anyone who enjoys traditional Italian cuisine. Whilst in Tuscany, if you really want to get to know the cuisine, you should consider doing a cooking course, going on cooking tours, and even hiring a Tuscan chef. After your visit to Tuscany, you might be inspired to bring the taste of Tuscany back home by attempting to cook some of your favourite dishes. Impress your friends by rustling up unique Tuscan specialities at dinner parties, or treat yourself by cooking the occasional Tuscan inspired meal. We want to help you to recreate some of the best Tuscan recipes in the comfort of your own home, so we have handpicked our favourite dishes below. Try cooking some of the best Tuscan meals from the selection below and become an expert in Tuscan cooking in no time. Learn how to cook well-known dishes such as Panzanella, Papa al pomodoro, Pappardelle Alla Lepre, Cacciucco and Baccalà alla Livornese. Make sure you send us pictures of your creations and let us know which recipes are your favourite!

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10 Chianti Classics

To celebrate the 300th anniversary of Chianti we’ve picked some of our favourite sights and activities in the world-famous wine region that we call home. Our trail is a real mix, to suit all tastes, and it’s free to use – just download and go. Whether you try just one of our recommendations or tick off all 10, you’ll be sure to enjoy memory-making experiences among these ancient vines. A highlight of the trail is the chance to follow in the tyre tracks of the professional cyclists competing in the 2016 Giro d’Italia. Italy’s premier cycling race will include a special time trial through the Chianti vineyards on 15 May. There’s also the chance to taste some of the best wines produced in the region and tour a world-class collection of art at Castello di Ama. Here, visitors can combine tastings of renowned vintages, including the Chianti Classico Vigneto La Casuccia, with a tour of works by artists such as Louise Bourgeois and Anish Kapoor.

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Private Chef

Whilst in a region that’s known for its world class cuisine, why not hire a private chef to prepare, cook and serve some real Tuscan food? A private Tuscan chef will come to your private holiday villa and cook an amazing Tuscan meal from scratch before your eyes. You can make things personal and tailor your meal to your own specific requirements. The chef will advise you on an exquisite menu that is based around the sort of food you love, and even suggest wines that will compliment the dishes you have chosen perfectly. Sit back and relax in the comfort of your own private villa, while you sample mouthwatering Tuscan food cooked in right front of you. We have personally selected some talented chefs in the region. Take a look at some of the top private professional chefs in Tuscany listed below, or contact us now for more information and guidance.

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Cooking School Tuscany

What better place to brush up on your culinary skills than Tuscany? Tuscany is known for its spectacular fresh food and simple, hearty local dishes made from locally grown ingredients. What we think of real Italian food back home is nowhere near what the chefs produce in Tuscany, here things are made differently. Whilst on holiday, learn how to cook Tuscan food like the locals do at a cooking school in Tuscany. Do something different on your holiday and come home with cooking skills you can use in your own kitchen. Bring the taste of Tuscany back with you by learning how to make some of the most popular local dishes. Discover which ingredients to use and how to add a touch of Tuscan flavour. There are plenty of Tuscan cooking schools which offer excellent courses. We have selected a few different cooking schools below for you to choose from.

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Local Events & Festivals In Tuscany

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience some of the festivals and wonderful local events that Tuscany has to offer. Tuscany is home to many historic towns and charismatic cities, both of which hold exciting and fascinating events throughout the year. Attending a local festival or event will give you a true feel for the real Tuscany and enable you to immerse yourself in the local culture. You will learn more about the history and culture of this artistic and visually stunning region. Tuscany hosts a wide variety of different events to suit every taste. Attend events such as local markets, food and wine festivals, theatre shows, carnivals, live music concerts and colourful parades. We have put together a selection of some of the best events in Tuscany that are a stone's throw away from our luxurious private villas. Browse through the events below or check the Italian tourist board for more information.

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Tuscany for children

As well as being popular with couples, Tuscany is also perfect for families looking for a fun and relaxing break. There are plenty of places to go on unforgettable family days out, and attractions in Tuscany that the children will love. From theme parks and underground caves to kids museums and cooking classes, there’s a lot to keep your kids occupied on a holiday to Tuscany. After an action packed day of adventures or exploring a medieval hilltop town, you can head back to your very own private villa. The children can make themselves at home and play in the garden whilst you unwind and take in the amazing Tuscan views. We have a wide range of family villas that have all the facilities you need for a stress free break with your children.  See below for some of Tuscany’s best family friendly attractions.

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Shopping in Tuscany

Tuscany is a shopper’s paradise, here you will find a mix of both stylish and authentic shops. Tuscany is well known for its olive oil, wine, fresh local produce, leather goods, lace and terra cotta. There are plenty of different ways to shop in Tuscany, you can find bargains and unique local products at the markets, get designer clothes for less at the Outlets and go on a spending spree in the high end boutiques. Fans of Italian designers will be in their element in Tuscany, with a selection of designer shops such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci. The markets sell anything from antiques, clothes and bags to the freshest fruit and veg, and beautiful flowers.  In the smaller villages, more traditional shops offer a quaint setting, and lovely hand crafted products. For well-known brands and a huge selection of different shops head to one of Tuscany’s cities such as Siena, Florence and Arezzo.

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Sports & Activities in Tuscany

For those looking for an active holiday, Tuscany has everything you need. There’s also sorts of activities to get involved with, whether you enjoy sports, relaxation or walking, there’s something for everyone in Tuscany. You can still stay active whilst on holiday if you wish, or completely unwind and switch off. Some of the popular sports in Tuscany include golf, tennis, bike riding and horse riding. If you prefer something a little more slow paced then head out hiking around the hills, see spectacular views of the Tuscan countryside from a hot air balloon or book a fishing trip. Tuscany also has many spas and hot springs to enjoy, relax in the thermal waters after a day of action packed fun. We have put together a helpful list of some of the sports and activities on offer in Tuscany. Browse through the activity section below and book a trip of a lifetime to Tuscany.

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Local Wildlife In Tuscany

The hot sun and long, warm days have encouraged a surprising diversity of wildlife to inhabit Tuscany. Tuscany’s national parks, wildlife reserves, mountains and vast woodland areas provide a habitat for wildlife to flourish. Not many people realise that Tuscany has some fantastic local wildlife to see. Deep in the Tuscan countryside you may come across European animals such as hare, deer, porcupines, badgers, dormice, red foxes, pheasants, wolves, and even wild boar. Tuscany is also a great place to go bird watching. A wide range of beautiful birds can be spotted throughout the region. Birdwatching enthusiasts should head to the mountains and marshlands to see birds such as the tawny owl, herons, ring ouzel and the rare glossy ibis. Read about some of the most common animals found in Tuscany by clicking on the links below and book your Tuscan wildlife adventure.

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Tours and guides in Tuscany

It’s difficult to pack everything you want to do in a short trip to Tuscany. There’s so much to take in, from the world class food and wine, to the shopping, history and culture. The best way to learn about these things is to get an insight from local experts. It’s the people who live and work in the region who know the region best and can show you the real Tuscany on tailor made tours and guides. For foodies and wine enthusiasts there are some excellent food and wine tours. You can also go on historic tours of Tuscany’s main cities including Siena and Florence, which will ensure you see all the most important cultural sights.  Active holidaymakers can go on walking or cycling tours, both of which are a wonderful way of seeing the region in all its glory.

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Art & Culture in Tuscany

It’s not surprising that the striking landscapes, medieval villages and rolling hills of Tuscany have inspired artists, writers and creative legends over the years. Michelangelo, born in in Caprese near Florence, is a fine example of the artistic gifts this region has to offer. Tuscany is blessed with a collection of historic buildings, cultural landmarks, world class art, and seven World Heritage Sites. Considered the birthplace of the renaissance, The art and culture in Tuscany can be seen through its art galleries, museums, sculptures and breathtaking architecture. Florence and Siena, two of Tuscany’s major cities are infused with delicate art and magnificent masterpieces. Then there’s the historic hilltop towns such as San Gimignano, Lucca and Pienza to uncover. There’s a very relaxed culture throughout Tuscany, here the locals enjoy a slow pace of life. If you are lucky enough to spend a fair amount of time in Tuscany, you may want to consider discovering its language.

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Wedding planners

For many people, getting married in Tuscany would be a dream come true. Weddings set in Tuscany are simply breathtaking. There are so many spectacular, classy and picturesque places to get married throughout the region. From impressive Tuscan castles and churches to farm houses and enormous private villas. Here you can take advantage of the world famous food and wine and get married near artistic & architectural masterpieces. Tuscany is probably one of the most romantic places to get married in the world. It can be very difficult to organise a wedding in a foreign country, but there are lots of experts available who know the area and can help you plan your perfect Tuscan wedding. We are happy to help point you in the right direction and suggest some potential ideas, but we are not specialists in this field. That’s where the Tuscan wedding planners come in. Browse through our personal recommendations below.

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Wine Tasting In Tuscany

A trip to Tuscany is not complete without sampling some of the world famous Tuscan wines. Tuscany is a wine lover’s paradise, known for it’s high quality wines. More than 80% of the wine produced here is red. The conditions here are perfectly suited to wine production thanks to the radiant sunlight, warm climate, rich soil and rolling countryside. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or completely new to the world of wine, don’t miss out on the opportunity to go wine tasting. Tantalise your tastebuds by sipping different homegrown Tuscan wines, admire the beauty of the landscapes and learn about how the wines are made. Wine tasting venues include rustic farms, medieval castles and stunning vineyards. Local experts will show you how to taste wines correctly, what foods they go best with and give you an insight into the history of Tuscan wine. Browse our wine tasting in Tuscany listings below and plan a memorable day out.

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Tuscan Specialities

There are many special ingredients that make Tuscany such a unique and appealing region. The things that Tuscany is best known for include its wine, truffles, olive oil and food. It’s certainly worth learning about one or two of these specialities whilst in Tuscany by booking some fascinating experiences. Growing in the Tuscan countryside, you will find the Tuscan white Truffle. Truffles are one of the most sought after and expensive cooking ingredients, they add a delicious strong flavour to dishes, as well as a touch of class. Tuscany is also famous for the high quality Olive Oil it produces, which is made using a very specific and skilled process. Make sure you buy some to take home with you. Then of course there’s the world renowned wines that are made in Tuscany, this region is known for producing red wines that are smooth, spicy and of a medium body. Browse through the sections below to learn more about Tuscan specialities.

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Private musicians in Tuscany

A holiday to Tuscany is special regardless of what you do, but there are some extra special things you can do to make your trip unforgettable. It’s worth treating yourself and doing things that you wouldn’t normally get to do, especially if you are celebrating a special occasion. One of the things you should consider is hiring a private musician. We have contact with several musicians who will provide this service. Have a talented Italian musician serenade you while you enjoy a dinner cooked by a private chef, or entertain you at a private event. Thinking of popping the question or having your wedding in Tuscany? Create the perfect moment with a private musician playing beautiful music in the background. Browse through the selection of musicians in Tuscany below, or contact us for advice.

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To Tuscany Competitions

We run regular competitions on our website and social media. These competitions give you the chance to share your Tuscan experiences with us and to win some amazing prizes. By entering our competitions, you could in with the chance of winning a free holiday to Tuscany. Some of the competitions we run include an annual Tuscany photography competition and blogger competitions. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of each competition thoroughly to make sure you comply with our entry guidelines. You can search through all our past and present competitions below. Choose a competition to take part in and find out when and how to enter. See what past winners received and read their stories. Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media for more information and the latest news regarding exciting competitions.

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Experience an official tuscany tour with

Italian Cooking Experience in Florence

Expand your collection of Italian recipes. Get ready to savor some traditional and innovative Tuscan specialties. Learn how to prepare a beautiful Tuscan meal that will impress even the most experienced foodies. This class focuses on stuffed pastas such as the ravioli and also making the sauce. We also teach you to cook a perfect risotto, beginning with making the broth, a main course (meat) and dessert.

from 217,1 US Dollar

Florence and Pisa Adventure from Cruise Ship at Livorno Port

This private shore trip will ensure you make the most out of your time in Tuscany. It is designed specifically for those arriving by cruise ship at Livorno port. A private English-speaking driver will be at your disposal all day, including pickup and drop off at Livorno Port. Also included are skip-the-line tickets for the Academy Museum and private guide in Florence for 3.5-hours. Families with children will be assigned with a child-friendly guide.

from 1542,55 US Dollar

Skip-The-Line Private Uffizi Gallery Afternoon Tour

Take an intimate visit of the Uffizi Gallery with a fluent English speaking local guide. See the masterpieces of the Renaissance like Botticelli's Birth of Venus, Leonardo Da Vinci's Annunciation and Michelangelo's Doni Tondo. Take full advantage of the private experience with a professional guide and connect history and art.

from 285,66 US Dollar

Private Pisa Discovery Walking Tour with Options of Lunch or Dinner

A thrilling walking tour to discover the town of the Leaning Tower, through the exterior visit of Piazza dei Miracoli with the Cathedral and the Baptistery, Piazza dei Cavalieri, Piazza Arcivescovado

from 194,25 US Dollar
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