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Sustainable Tourism

Valuing a sustainable approach to travel has always been second nature to To Tuscany, and in our eyes, it is a collaborative effort. It is vital that we work together with guests and providers towards a sustainable future in which we can travel responsibly.

We are passionate, proactive, and we work closely with local authorities. We pride ourselves on our local knowledge and expertise to help you, our valued guests, better understand Tuscany, its natural beauty, and the ways in which we can minimise our impact on nature.

It is a partnership between us, our guests, and our providers, all working together towards a common goal. For this reason, we are always open to new suggestions and ideas. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Sustainable Tourism

Drinking water

As a standard rule, tap water in Italy - and at our villas - is suitable for drinking unless otherwise mentioned. This reduces the need for single-use plastic water bottles. The good news is that many airports now have water refill points so you can reuse your own water bottle!

Once in Tuscany, whether you’re in your villa or out exploring the region, you can easily refill your water bottles. As mentioned, tap water is drinkable and some villas even have built in purifiers installed in the kitchens, making it even easier to be eco-friendly!

There are also sustainable options when you are in public. Many communes have water refill points which have been used by locals for years! Tuscan towns will typically have a central drinking fountain, usually near the main piazza. These should have a sign with ‘potabile’ translating to ‘drinkable’. An alternative to these fountains is what the Italians call a ‘casetta dell’acqua’ which is another water point. Here you have access to still water (usually free of charge),
plus cold and/or sparkling water (which are usually charged).

There are also natural wells in the region that are used by the locals, but it is always more convenient to use a water fountain.

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Each country has their own method of recycling and in Italy it works a little differently to others.
Recycling is an effective method of reducing landfill and the level of toxic materials being deposited in the ground and our seas. If materials can be recycled, reused and transformed into new products – it all helps in the long run.

To best prepare you for your trip, here are a few key points to remember:
In Tuscany, they do not usually have door to door recycling bin collection. Each residential area has a central location with communal recycling bins.

•   Yellow bin – cardboard and paper
•   Brown bin – organic waste / food waste
•   Green (cylindrical) – ‘multimateriale’ - glass, plastic and cans
•   Grey / Green bin – household waste

The latest innovation in Tuscany which has been recently announced is the concept of using a card to access the recycling bins. The bins will be electronically operated and access will only be granted to those in possession of a card (each household is provided with one). The owner of your villa will ensure you are equipped with a card.

This is a very exciting project and an inventive approach to recycling that we are looking forward to following as it develops!

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Renewable Energy

Since sustainability is a collaborative effort, we as a company highly encourage our owners to use renewable energy where possible. Many owners have solar panels and some even have hybrid car charging points. One of our villas that has both of these features is the charming La Casa di Radda, located in the town of Radda in Chianti. It has an elegant modern interior and is within walking distance of this beloved Tuscan town.

If you are interested in using less energy whilst in Italy, there are a few small actions that can make a huge difference. In the middle of summer, for instance, temperatures are high and it can seem difficult to keep your villa cool. We would suggest keeping all doors and windows closed during the day - to allow the air conditioning to cool the villa - and opening windows in the evening to allow a breeze. Click here to read more.
How to stay cool without using air conditioning:
• Close external doors, windows and shutters on the South side or where the sun comes in. This will prevent warm air and direct sunlight from entering the house.
• Open doors and windows in the night and early morning to let the cool air in.
• Switch the ceiling fans to anti-clockwise to draw the hot air upwards.
• Make sure your sheets are changed during your stay. This will help keep them fresh and cool. [Please note that a change in bed linen may incur an extra charge.]

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Live like a local – responsible tourism

As local experts, we are passionate about Tuscany, its inhabitants, and the inspirational Tuscan way of life. We have spent decades learning about Italian culture and building important relationships with local businesses and providers. So much so that we even have an Experiences Desk  with the sole purpose of connecting you, our valued guests, with these individuals and their unique services.

The rich history, food, architecture and sheer charm of Florence and Pisa mean not much convincing is needed to add these Tuscan cities to your itinerary. However, this region has an abundance of local businesses showcasing zero-kilometre produce, multi-generational recipes and a passion for the land maintained by their ancestors for hundreds of years.

By discovering these unique, independent enterprises, you can experience life as a local in Tuscany. You have the chance to learn more about Italian culture and encounter business that remains untouched by mass media and tourism.

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