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  • Car Hire In Tuscany

    To make the most of Tuscany you will need a car. It will allow you to explore the beautiful little hilltop towns, accessible only via tiny roads with breathtaking views. You can either have a car with a driver or hire a car to drive yourself. With the help of we have put together some tips on car hire.

    Fuel policy – We recommend opting for a ‘full to full’ fuel policy. Most rental services offer this. Avoid full to empty or pre-paid fuel policies, or you’ll be paying expensive rates for your tank of fuel and will be unlikely to get a refund for any unused fuel. Just make sure you return the car with a full tank (normally there is a petrol station not far from the airport) or you’ll have to pay for missing fuel, plus an administration charge.

    Child seats – If you need to rent a car seat, it can be an expensive option costing upwards of 10 EUR per day, per seat. Many airlines allow you to bring your own at no cost but do check with the airline. If you decide to bring your own, it may be worth investing in a car seat carry bag to help protect your car seat in transit. Not only can you save on the cost of renting a car seat, but you can be confident that your child will travel in the comfort and safety of the seat they use at home.

    Return the car clean – You’re not expected to return the car freshly valeted, however if it gets excessively dirty (inside or out), you should get it cleaned to avoid a cleaning fee which will likely be far more than the cost of a car wash. In short, the car should be returned clean.

    Excess Insurance – Check the excess insurance (deposit) and make sure you know how much you’re paying. It can vary from car to car and from supplier to supplier. Expect to pay a refundable deposit between 800-1200 EUR. There are four options available with regards to paying excess.
    - Reduce excess to zero when you use the rental agents own policy (around 20 EUR per day which can be added at pick up).
    - Protect your excess with a standalone policy
    - Use a chosen broker (around 5-10 EUR per day)
    - Protect your excess with an annual excess policy for a fraction of the cost. Check out for more information.

    Credit card – Most rental agents require a credit card for security at pick up. However some agents will accept a debit card if you take their optional insurance. Check the terms and conditions regarding payment method before you book the car.

    Supplier location – check if the chosen supplier is on or off the airport site. Off-site suppliers (which are not located within the airport complex) tend to be cheaper, but require a transfer / shuttle bus to the depot. On-site suppliers are often much more convenient, though also a little more expensive.

    GPS – Directions to your villa are provided to all To Tuscany clients. However, you may still wish to use sat-nav. Consider using Google maps (or similar) especially if you have a good data roaming package. Be aware that navigation devices always calculate the shortest route, but in Tuscany, this may lead you through small unpaved country roads which may require a 4x4. In this case, it’s best to use the directions provided by To Tuscany.

    Supplier ratings – Check the supplier ratings for your chosen rental car supplier to see how our previous customers rate them. Ratings are based on features such as value for money, queue times, car quality and rental desk staff among others. Lowest price does not always reflect the best value.

    Driver's license - you will need a valid driver's license. Make sure you bring this with you as you will need to present it for pick up. If you have a non-EU country license, you will need to obtain an international driver's license before arriving in Italy.

  • Our car hire partner:

    CLICK HERE TO GET A QUOTE is a UK based car rental broker offering great value car rentals all over the world with extensive coverage throughout Italy. Through them you can compare rates from the leading international rental agents and Italy’s main local agents.

    Why we like them:
    1. Great value, compare prices from leading and local agents all in one place
    2. Option to ‘book now, pay later’ on many rentals, a small deposit may be asked to secure the car
    3. They have a very helpful ‘Live Chat’ facility to support you through the entire process
    4. Free cancellation right up to 48 hours before pick-up
    5. Fuel policy and agent location (on / off airport) clearly displayed
    6. Dedicated account manager for To Tuscany clients should pre or post rental support be required

    Things to be aware of:
    1. Like all brokers, Rhino operate an ‘or similar’ policy meaning you may not receive the exact make and model booked, however a car of equal or higher specification will be provided
    2. They use a range of rental suppliers, check customer ratings to compare supplier ratings
    3. Check cost of optional extras between suppliers, can impact overall price (GPS, car seats etc)
    4. Check excess deposit as it can vary greatly between cars and suppliers.

  • To Tuscany may earn advertising fees by linking to Rhino Car Hire via its affiliate advertising programs.

    For more information about driving in Italy click here

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