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Drinking water

  • Drinking water

    As a standard rule, tap water in Italy - and at our villas - is suitable for drinking unless otherwise mentioned. This reduces the need for single-use plastic water bottles. The good news is that many airports now have water refill points so you can reuse your own water bottle!

    Once in Tuscany, whether you’re in your villa or out exploring the region, you can easily refill your water bottles. As mentioned, tap water is drinkable and some villas even have built in purifiers installed in the kitchens, making it even easier to be eco-friendly!

    There are also sustainable options when you are in public. Many communes have water refill points which have been used by locals for years! Tuscan towns will typically have a central drinking fountain, usually near the main piazza. These should have a sign with ‘potabile’ translating to ‘drinkable’. An alternative to these fountains is what the Italians call a ‘casetta dell’acqua’ which is another water point. Here you have access to still water (usually free of charge),
    plus cold and/or sparkling water (which are usually charged).

    There are also natural wells in the region that are used by the locals, but it is always more convenient to use a water fountain.

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