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Your Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Your Heating and Air Conditioning Explained

    No need for confusion. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about your heating and air conditioning into one concise guide. There are three ways in which usage is charged:

    1.    Included
    This means that all heating and air conditioning charges are included in the weekly rental price. There are no extra fees to pay for these services. Sometimes fuel, electricity and/or air conditioning are included in the price if the usage of said facilities is under a certain allowance. After exceeding said allowance, usage will be charged according to consumption.

    2.    Fixed Fee
    Otherwise known as Forfait, this means that there is a fee which does not vary depending on usage.

    3.    By consumption
    This means that the fees will be calculated according to how much the service is used. This is determined by meter readings and charged at a rate specified by the villa’s owners or caretakers. Please note that the prices are not always known to To Tuscany staff.

    How to stay cool:
    •    Close external doors, windows and shutters on the South side or where the sun comes in. This will prevent warm air and direct sunlight from entering the house.
    •    Open doors and windows in the night and early morning to let the cool air in.
    •    Switch the ceiling fans to anti-clockwise to draw the hot air upwards.
    •    Make sure your sheets are changed during your stay. This will help keep them fresh and cool. [Please note that a change in bed linen may incur an extra charge.]

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