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Taking your Dog on holiday

  • Not without my Dog! Info and Tips for a pleasant Holiday with your Pet

    Is a holiday without your beloved four-legged friend out of the question? With To Tuscany, holidaying with your dog becomes a breeze. We offer an extensive selection of dog-friendly holiday homes and apartments throughout Tuscany.

    Tuscany is the ideal holiday destination for dog owners and their faithful companions. With the long beaches and vast landscapes there is plenty of space to have amazing walks and explore the beautiful region.

    There are a few things to consider to making a holiday with your dog become an unforgettable experience. Our To Tuscany team can tell you what these are and we are here for you with info and tips!

    General Rules for Dogs in Italy

    Before you start – Entry Requirements
    For travel to Italy, EU regulations for pets apply. In any case your dog must be vaccinated against rabies and will need an EU pet passport with a veterinary certificate with regard to the vaccination and a microchip. In addition, taking out a dog liability insurance is advisable and necessary. We would also like to point out that in Italy a lead and muzzle are compulsory.

    The Journey
    Depending on how you plan to reach your holiday destination, there are a few things to consider when you travel with a four-legged friend.

    By Car
    Travelling by car with a dog is possibly the most pleasant way to reach your holiday destination, as in most cases the animal will be familiar with the car and individual breaks can be taken.
    Take care and make sure your dog doesn’t over-heat (never leave your dog in the car alone). It is best to only feed small snacks during the journey, to prevent vomiting. Make sure to take sufficient water with you too!

    By Train
    Dogs up to a certain size are often allowed to travel free of charge in a carrier box, but you might need to buy a ticket for larger dogs. All dogs that are not in a carrier box need to be on a lead and wear a muzzle. Similar rules apply for Italian public transport. Check with your train provider before travelling.

    By Plane
    Most dogs need to spend the flight in a suitable transport box (kennel) in the luggage area. Check the conditions of your airline before booking.

    Out and about – successful outings with your dog
    To avoid nasty surprises, you should familiarise yourself with the local regulations concerning accompanying animals. Leads are compulsory in all of Italy, including, for example, parks. You should always have a muzzle with you, but the dog will only have to wear it upon request. In some places, such as churches and museums, dogs are not permitted at all.

    Dogs are allowed on specific dog beaches. Over recent years the number of dog beaches in Tuscany has increased steadily. These are mainly the Spiagge Libre, i.e. public beaches, which are not leased out and there, the dogs can enter the water to cool down. These beaches are identified by signs.

    Museums and attractions
    In most museums and attractions dogs are not permitted. But this prohibition may vary. Please check the local regulations.

    Taking your dog with you to a restaurant after a day trip? No problem!  Since 2013 dogs can be taken into specifically identified restaurants in Tuscany. In many bars, restaurants and cafés it now says “Dogs welcome”! Keep your eyes peeled for a sign with a dog and the phrase "io posso entrare". If dogs are not allowed, it will commonly say "io non posso entrare".

    Trips without your dog
    Your dog is part of the family, but sometimes they just can’t come along? No Problem! Valentina of the To Tuscany Experiences service can help you find a suitable dog sitter or day care in your surroundings. That way, you can spend a carefree day out, knowing your furry friend will spend relaxing hours in professional care.
    Ask us about Valentina’s service or contact her directly:

    You might need a vet due to unfamiliar food, heat and travel sickness or in case of unexpected injuries – even if your pet is healthy. With the following link you will find a vet’s surgery nearby anywhere in Tuscany or Italy generally. If in doubt, ask your local vet for advice before travelling with your pet.

    What should I consider when at a villa with my pet?

    Many of our villas are happy to welcome your four-legged friend. However, there are still some rules and guidelines, to guarantee friendly interactions and prevent misunderstandings from the start. All of the rules and guidance below may have house rules on site added.

    At the Villa
    We want you to feel fully at home at your villa, while also looking after the owners wishes and the comfort of other guests. The following guidelines should help you to prepare.

    Bring a dog bed/ blankets/ pillows/ bowls/toys etc. from home
    By bringing equipment with a familiar smell, you can help your dog to feel comfortable in an unknown environment. A comfortable dog bed and bowls for food and water are among the absolutely necessary items. And maybe pack some favourite treats to compensate for the long journey.

    Ask the manager/care taker on site
    It can always happen that you forget something when packing for a holiday. Whether it’s the favourite fluffy blanket or the oh-so-important food bowl – speak to the management on site. Many of our caretakers are dog fans themselves and more than happy to help you find a replacement. Please do not use blankets/pillows or dishes at the villa without asking, after all, these have to be used by other guests in the future.

    No dogs on the furniture
    Who doesn’t know those puppy dog eyes? Unfortunately, you will have to resist them for the duration of your holiday. In all To Tuscany rental villas, pets are not allowed on the furniture, especially not armchairs, sofas and beds. They are very difficult to clean and pet hair removal my lead to additional costs. But looking at the bright side – you will have all the space for yourself for once!

    In the garden/grounds
    What better thing to do than relax in the garden together? But still, there are a few things to consider.
    In all villas with shared grounds, dogs need to be on a leash in all shared spaces. Additionally, the following rules apply to all villas.

    Keep the garden clean
    Common habits in public spaces are also valid for your villa’s garden. Make sure you bring enough poop bags to dispose of your dog’s droppings appropriately.

    No dogs in the pool
    Everyone loves a quick cool-down, but dogs are not allowed in any of our villa’s pools. The pumps and filters that keep the water clean are very sensitive to fur, and a repair can incur high costs.
    If you like, ask the site manager for a tub or a garden hose, so your furry friend can enjoy a cool-down of its own.

    Clean your feet
    Tuscany is a wonderful area for extended walks or hikes. Just like you would take off muddy shoes before coming in, we ask you to clean or dry your dog when transitioning from outside to inside, to prevent dirt being carried into the villa.

    Keep an eye on your pet
    To Tuscany offers many stunning villas with a fully or partially fenced garden – ideal for your pet to enjoy care-free playtime. Please still keep an eye on them, and never leave a pet alone in the garden. A new environment offers so many exciting smells to explore, and adventurous dogs can easily find a gap that humans would never notice.
    You can discover our pet-friendly fenced villas here:

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