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Your health and safety

  • Your health and safety

    Your health and your safety are our paramount concerns. Together with the To Tuscany villa owners, we have put together some tips to help you stay safe and healthy during your stay.

    Swimming Pool Safety and Hygiene Tips
    The swimming pools at our Tuscany villas do not have lifeguards, so it’s important to familiarise yourself with the design and the layout of the pool area prior to use. Take into account any depth changes or unusual features. Accidents at the swimming pool can happen when children are exploring soon after arrival. Make sure you know where your children are at all times.

    ●    Observe the swimming pool rules displayed on any notices around the pool area.
    ●    Swimming pools at your villa will not be suitable for diving unless otherwise stated.
    ●    Observe pool opening hours and do not use the pool after dark.
    ●    Do not swim immediately after eating a meal.
    ●    Do not swim after drinking alcohol.
    ●    Do not use the pool if you are suffering from an upset stomach or are feeling unwell.
    ●    Take a shower before entering the pool.
    ●    Ensure children use the toilet before using the pool.
    ●    Young children and babies should wear appropriate swimwear (i.e. pool nappies).
    ●    Before using the pool, ensure you know how to get help in the event of an emergency.

    Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    Smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors are not common in Tuscany. We suggest purchasing one to bring with you when you travel, just in case your villa doesn’t have one. To view an example of a portable carbon monoxide detector click here.

    Review the Safety Features
    After you have met your villa’s owner, you are invited to review the safety features at your villa so you know where to find the emergency equipment and safety information relevant to you. If you are unsure how to locate the first aid kit or the fire extinguisher are, ask the villa owner. They will want to make sure you are clear on all safety precautions.

    Italian Universal Health Care
    Italy benefits from a universal health care Nation Health Service (NHS) system known as the Italian NHS. It's healthcare system is regarded, by World Health Organization's (WHO) ranking, as the 2nd best in the world behind France and according to the WHO Italians have the world's 6th highest life expectancy!

    Health Advice European Citizens
    Italy is a member of the European Union (EU) as such all EU citizens are entitled to receive medical care from Italian NHS. The Italian NHS staff might ask you for your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which is issued by EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the UK. An EHIC is not a replacement for travel insurance. Make sure you have both before you travel.

    Health Advice for Non EU Citizens
    If you are not resident in the EU, you are recommended to get private travel insurance. Check the latest Health Advice on Tuscany at your own government's website which should provide regularly updated information on how to stay healthy while traveling abroad, including advice on preventative measures and recommended vaccinations.

    Emergency numbers

    112 is the general emergency number in Italy for ambulance police & fire.

    Direct Connection Numbers:
    112 - Carabinieri (Federal police)
    113 - Local police (plus ambulance and fire)
    115 - Fire department
    116 - Roadside assistance A.C.I.
    117 - Finance police
    118 - Medical emergencies
    1515 - Forest fires

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