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  • Recycling

    Each country has their own method of recycling and in Italy it works a little differently to others.
    Recycling is an effective method of reducing landfill and the level of toxic materials being deposited in the ground and our seas. If materials can be recycled, reused and transformed into new products – it all helps in the long run.

    To best prepare you for your trip, here are a few key points to remember:
    In Tuscany, they do not usually have door to door recycling bin collection. Each residential area has a central location with communal recycling bins.

    •   Yellow bin – cardboard and paper
    •   Brown bin – organic waste / food waste
    •   Green (cylindrical) – ‘multimateriale’ - glass, plastic and cans
    •   Grey / Green bin – household waste

    The latest innovation in Tuscany which has been recently announced is the concept of using a card to access the recycling bins. The bins will be electronically operated and access will only be granted to those in possession of a card (each household is provided with one). The owner of your villa will ensure you are equipped with a card.

    This is a very exciting project and an inventive approach to recycling that we are looking forward to following as it develops!

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