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Foodie Blogger Competition 2013

  • Foodie Blogger Competition 2013

    THE 2013 WINNER
    Many congratulations to Antonia Snearly, who is the winner of To Tuscany 2013 competition.
    We hope Antonia enjoys her stay in one of our Tuscany villas

    The To Tuscany Foodie Blogger Competition 2013 - #TTFBC
    Enter our foodie blogger competition 2013 to win a week in a Tuscany villa!
    How to enter:
    1. Create your own Tuscan inspired recipe which includes these 3 key ingredients:
    (Olive oil, tomatoes & parmesan cheese)

    2. Post a picture/video/written paragraph and the recipe on your blog with the following line included with the blog:
    "I want to win a week in one of your Tuscany villas!" (You’ll need to include this link as a hyper-link within the words 'Tuscany villa' as we have done above. We'll be using this link to track entries!)

    3. Email and include:
    - A link to your blog post with your entry
    - A picture of your entry no bigger than 1MB - (an image is optional but will help showcase how yummy your dish is!)
    - A short paragraph about your entry and the name of the dish
    - Your contact details: (full name, address and phone number)

    Top Prize:
    The winner of the competition will receive a week's stay in a villa in Tuscany, which sleeps up to 3 people, plus £200 towards flights.

    Prize Draw:
    Each entrant will also be entered in a random prize draw with the chance to win a bottle of Tuscan olive oil and a Tuscan cookery book. There will be 10 prizes up for grabs and each entrant has a chance to win a prize!

    The emailed entries will be uploaded to this page where the public can vote for their favourite entry, voting will open once 5 entries have been received. On 31st July 3013 all votes will be verified and totals adjusted where necessary. The 3 entries with the most votes on Thursday 1st August 2013 will go into the final round which will be judged by Nico Atrigna, the chef of Siena's finest restaurant, Osteria Le Logge in Siena, Tuscany.

    The final entries will be marked on 4 categories:

    - Presentation
    - Tuscan authenticity
    - Creativity and innovation
    - Cooking expertise

    The competition is open to anyone with a blog and closes at midnight  on Sunday 28th July 2013 . Winners of the competition and the prize draws will be notified by Monday 5th August 2013. Late, incomplete or non-linking entries will not be accepted.

    The full terms and conditions can be read here. For any other enquiries, please contact

  • Authentic Tuscan Ragu

    Authentic Tuscan Ragu
    by Nicole Waterman at

    Made with the freshest ingredients and slow cooked to perfection, there is no doubt that a huge pot of rich, mahogany ragú bubbling away on the stove will set your taste buds tingling. The red wine and mix of different meats, beef and lamb mice and chicken livers really set this recipe apart from the rest and creates the most wonderful depth of flavour. The versatility of this ragú is what I love the most; enjoy it with freshly made pasta or in a lasagne. But, for me its best served on toasted ciabatta bread, topped and vine tomatoes, freshly chopped basil and a few shavings of parmesan, all washed down with a delicious Italian red wine.
    Click here for full details

    26 people have voted for this entry

  • Tuscan Tomato and Parmesan Bread Salad

    Tuscan Tomato and Parmesan Bread Salad
    Tatiana Porembova @

    Tuscany is a destination that is perfect for the most romantic honeymoon. The beautiful landscape, marvellous beaches, romantic architecture and the warm Italian sun will captivate you and leave you and your groom with unforgettable memories.
    Click here for full details

    10 people have voted for this entry

  • Lemon Chicken Panzanella with Herbed Ricotta & Balsamic Reduction

    Lemon Chicken Panzanella with Herbed Ricotta & Balsamic Reduction
    byAntonia Snearly @

    Today, amaci miei, pack up your tastebuds; we are going to Italy. Tuscany, to be exact. You may now stamp your culinary passport: Lemon Chicken Panzanella with Herbed Ricotta & Balsamic Reduction. Hold on, this is going to be one mouth-watering trip. Citrusy marinated chicken atop an olive oiled mixture of parmesan baguette croutons, slow roasted thyme lemon tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese. We'll only use the freshest of garden herbs mixed with creamy, home made ricotta cheese, just as the Tuscan people would use what is local and in season. Bon Appetito!
    Click here for full details

    195 people have voted for this entry

  • Melanzane Alla Parmigiana

    Melanzane Alla Parmigiana...with a twist!
    byEmily Knight @

    Every Tuscan will have a different way of preparing this dish - some choosing to blanch the aubergines instead of frying them, some flouring the aubergines before frying...basically, as there's no "correct" way of doing it, I've come up with my own version, featuring a crunchy topping and using finocchiona as an extra layer in the dish for a bit of variety.
    Click here for full details

    33 people have voted for this entry

  • Grilled Steak with Balsamic Madeira

    Grilled Steak with Balsamic Madeira Reduction with a Baked Ricotta Parmigiana Mousse over Grilled Eggplant and Tomato Sorbet
    byCaroline Brody @

    My dish is a Grilled Steak with Balsamic Madeira Reduction with a Baked Ricotta Parmigiana Mousse over Grilled Eggplant and Tomato Sorbet. This dish was inspired by a meal I had during my first trip to Florence. I had an amazing steak with a balsamic reduction with grilled vegetables. The steak has always stayed with me, as it such a Tuscan classic. I added the Baked Ricotta Parmignana Mousse and Grilled to add some different textures and temperatures and the Tomato Sorbet is a wonderful, light palate cleanser.
    Click here for full details

    183 people have voted for this entry

  • Creamy Trout, Yellow Tomato & Asparagus Risotto

    Creamy Trout, Yellow Tomato and Asparagus Risotto
    byDr. Chris Ashley @

    This delicious healthy and nutritious risotto is made with trout, fresh tomatoes and other vegetables, herbs and a creamy white wine sauce with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. It is a traditional Tuscan dish It is my family's favourite dish.
    Click here for full details

    72 people have voted for this entry

  • Italian Style Chicken Stew

    Italian Style Chicken Stew
    byMandy Rivers @

    This is my take on an Italian style chicken stew! I took the basics of my traditional Southern chicken stew recipe and added Tuscan-inspired ingredients to make this Tuscan Chicken Stew. It's now one of my favorites and one of the most popular recipes on the blog with over 44K views in just 8 months!
    Click here for full details

    113 people have voted for this entry

  • Tuscan Baked Eggs

    Tuscan Baked Eggs
    byJasline Ng @

    The eggs are gently poached in a bed of tomatoes and sausages with a light Parmesan crust - creating a perfect harmony of tastes and textures. Dipping a toasted bread in the oozy egg yolk is such an ecstatic moment! It is an easy and unpretentious dish that brings out the full flavor of all the ingredients used.
    Click here for full details

    40 people have voted for this entry

  • Pomodori Ripieni

    Pomodori Ripieni
    byCindy Jamieson @

    Beautiful vine ripe tomatoes are stuffed with the ultimate flavours of Tuscany. Tender bread crumbs mingle with fresh Parmigianno Reggiano, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil and parsley. Slow roasted in the oven, the tomatoes become tender and sweet. Paired with the stuffing these tomatoes are very reminiscent of bruschetta, one of my family's favourite appetizers. This beautiful dish would be the perfect start to any romantic meal, which would be even better shared in Tuscany.
    Click here for full details

    122 people have voted for this entry

  • Chicken Parmigiani with Tomato and Garlic Confit

    Chicken Parmigiani with Tomato and Garlic Confit
    byJessica Formicola @

    The dish I decided to showcase is Chicken Parmigiani, which hails from Southern Italy. Traditionally it is a thin, breaded and lightly fried chicken breast smothered with cheeses, vegetables and sauce. Instead of throwing a slab of mozzarella on the top, I used Parmesan and incorporated it right into the breading. Parmesan fries up to a crunchy crust with a nutty flavor, so a dab of nutmeg helps amplify the flavor. To top, I used a Tomato and Garlic Confit seasoned with basil and olive oil. Slow roasting vegetables brings out a unique smokey flavor that can not be achieved by a mere baking or stewing.
    Click here for full details

    54 people have voted for this entry

  • Roasted Parmesan Tomato Panini

    Roasted Parmesan Tomato Panini
    byKaren Quaretti-Lee @

    Roasted Parmesan Tomatoes are an ideal side dish to accompany beef, chicken and fish. Super easy to prepare and taking only 15 minutes to bake you can have a fresh side dish any time of the year! But one of my favorite Panini uses Baked Parmesan Tomatoes as the main ingredient! Juicy and flavorful, this panini will please even your hungriest teenager!
    Click here for full details

    41 people have voted for this entry

  • Acquacotta, a Tuscan Soup

    Acquacotta, a Tuscan Soup
    byVictoria Higham @

    I could have my pick of soups from the Tuscan region; ribollita, pappa al pomodoro, but what really draws me to Acquacotta is the beautiful poached egg. As your spoon slips in to the yolk, that silky golden goodness spills down in to the soup adding a richness that I couldn’t dream up. Of course you could serve the soup without it, but you’d be missing out terribly.The ciabatta it sits on begins to soak up the deep savoury flavour of the soup, lead by the porcini mushrooms. It breaks apart under the spoon, adding it’s robust texture to the mix.
    Click here for full details

    198 people have voted for this entry

  • Stuffed Baked Peppers

    Stuffed Baked Peppers
    byAnn Horne @

    I have made a simple dish, baked peppers, stuffed with julienne courgette, topped with chorizo sausage and then with parmesan cheese with red and green chills, baked until the cheese is golden and crispy; served with a tomato and basil salad sprinkled with olive oil.
    Click here for full details

    15 people have voted for this entry

  • Pesaro-style ravioli

    Pesaro-style ravioli
    by Wayne Barber at

    One of the great Tuscan favourite's is pasta and when you use the freshest local ingredients, as the Tuscans do, simple things become magnificent. My Pesaro-style ravioli with fresh tomato sauce and parsley and Parmesan uses the simplest flavours of fresh ricotta, spinach, lemon, tomatoes, velvety pasta and salty Parmesan, not forgetting a good drizzle of deep golden Tuscan olive oil, but put them together and you have something spectacular.
    Click here for full details

    126 people have voted for this entry

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