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Photo Competition 2012

  • Photocompetition 2012

    Congratulations to Claudia Ritter of Germany who you voted as the winner of our To Tuscany 2012 travellers photocompetition with her stunning photo capturing the sunset over the pool at the Vignale hamlet.

    The top 5 photos are shown below - there was a tie for third place so both received a camera - after the top 5, all of the finalists are shown

    Thank you to everyone who sent photos to us this year, dont forget that entries start again from 1st January for anyone travelling with us in 2013.

    All enquiries should be sent to

    You can view all of the competition entries for this year (and every year since we started it in 2007) on the To Tuscany Flickr photo account

  • Claudia Ritter - 1364GK


    Claudia Ritter  - 1364GK


    565 people have voted for this entry

  • Anita Jansen - 1374NL


    Anita Jansen  -  1374NL

    Tall Dutchie no Fiat Fit

    175 people have voted for this entry

  • Rafal Chabowski - 2621PL


    Rafal Chabowski  -  2621PL

    Wandering in a Tuscan Village

    128 people have voted for this entry

  • Riet Monserez - 2589NL


    Riet Monserez  - 2589NL


    128 people have voted for this entry

  • Maciej Stronski - 2621PL


    Maciej Stronski  - 2621PL

    A Taste of Tuscany

    111 people have voted for this entry

  • Christine French - 1991PP

    Christine French  - 1991PP

    View over the rooftops

    1 people have voted for this entry

  • Dopmeijer - 2637NL

    Dopmeijer  - 2637NL

    Foto Zwembad, Sanpolino

    2 people have voted for this entry

  • Erik Noppe - 2286VB

    Erik Noppe - 2286VB


    2 people have voted for this entry

  • Ewa Zaborska - 2621PL

    Ewa Zaborska  - 2621PL

    Hard Work

    100 people have voted for this entry

  • Franz Groiss - 441GK

    Franz Groiss  - 441GK

    Essen in La Strolla

    1 people have voted for this entry

  • Franz Stromer - 78GK

    Franz Stromer  - 78GK

    La Docle Vita

    12 people have voted for this entry

  • Fren Smulders - 1374NL

    Fren Smulders - 1374NL

    Butterfly on Lavender 

    14 people have voted for this entry

  • Isabelle Preclin - 540VB

    Isabelle Preclin  - 540VB

    Indiscrétion à Sienne

    48 people have voted for this entry

  • Izabela Tolowinska - 2954PP

    Izabela Tolowinska - 2954PP

    View from Montalcino

    2 people have voted for this entry

  • Julie Taylor - 281PP

    Julie Taylor  - 281PP

    Chianti Empties

    35 people have voted for this entry

  • Justyna Wojcicka - 2621PL

    Justyna Wojcicka - 2621PL

    Round the Corner

    86 people have voted for this entry

  • Maja Siemiatkowska - 2621PL

    Maja Siemiatkowska  - 2621PL

    Blue Sky over Tuscan Building

    2 people have voted for this entry

  • Marcus Pesendorfer - 715GK

    Marcus Pesendorfer  - 715GK

    Noah stranded on Bubble Island

    22 people have voted for this entry

  • Paul McFarland - 304PP

    Paul McFarland  - 304PP

    Chianti Classico Cart

    40 people have voted for this entry

  • Sarah Fraser - 1014PP

    Sarah Fraser  - 1014PP

    Poolside Sunset Tuscany

    8 people have voted for this entry

  • Thomas Riguelle - 2936VB

    Thomas Riguelle  - 2936VB


    27 people have voted for this entry

  • Thorsten Hasler - 2261DE

    Thorsten Hasler  - 2261DE

    Puccini and I

    1 people have voted for this entry

  • Prizes:

    First prize 
    - Compact Digital Camera (Fujifilm FinePix S4500) or a voucher for 250 Euros off a 2013 To Tuscany holiday.
    Second prize - Fujifilm FinePix AX550 compact digital camera
    Third prize -  Fujifilm FinePix AX550 compact digital camera 
    Consolation prizes will be awarded to the 4th and 5th place entries
    (There are no cash alternatives for the prizes awarded)

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