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Renewable Energy

  • Renewable Energy

    Since sustainability is a collaborative effort, we as a company highly encourage our owners to use renewable energy where possible. Many owners have solar panels and some even have hybrid car charging points. One of our villas that has both of these features is the charming La Casa di Radda, located in the town of Radda in Chianti. It has an elegant modern interior and is within walking distance of this beloved Tuscan town.

    If you are interested in using less energy whilst in Italy, there are a few small actions that can make a huge difference. In the middle of summer, for instance, temperatures are high and it can seem difficult to keep your villa cool. We would suggest keeping all doors and windows closed during the day - to allow the air conditioning to cool the villa - and opening windows in the evening to allow a breeze. Click here to read more.

    How to stay cool without using air conditioning:
    • Close external doors, windows and shutters on the South side or where the sun comes in. This will prevent warm air and direct sunlight from entering the house.
    • Open doors and windows in the night and early morning to let the cool air in.
    • Switch the ceiling fans to anti-clockwise to draw the hot air upwards.
    • Make sure your sheets are changed during your stay. This will help keep them fresh and cool. [Please note that a change in bed linen may incur an extra charge.]

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