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Situated on the Chiantigiana road, the ss222
Between Castellina and Greve arises Panzano, a highly populated centre of Chianti who had lived a tormented history caused by the bloody quarrels between Florence and Siena.

Panzano history

The medieval castle became seriously damaged during the battle of Montaperti in 1260, but today there is still visible a good part of the town walls and the two massive towers located at the sides of the parish church and the fortified walls.

Parish church

The parish church of Panzano depended upon the country church of San Leonino, located three kilometers from the town. It was built in the Romanesque style before the year one thousand, the church with its nave and double aisles, holds precious works of art of which a triptych represented the Virgin Mary sitting on the throne with angels and saints, attributed to Mariotto di Nardo.

Places of  interest

Badia a Passignano
On the Sienese road of Sambuca, one reaches the splendid Badia a Passignano with its small centre, the tower house and the church of Saint Baigio where rests the remains of frescos dated in the five hundreds. The Abbey, founded in 1049, became right away an imposing fortified monastery complex, including the church with a single nave in the form of the Latin cross of Saint Michael Archangle.
Inside are conserved frescos and important paintings, which include the frescos of the main chapel, by Domenico Cresti, nicknamed "Passignano" and the paintings of Saint Giovanni Gualberto in which is dedicated the chapel.
The monastery is still today occupied by the Valombrosiani monk community and you may see the monastery with a guided visit to discover its preserved treasures.

As in all Tuscan towns there are small grocery stores, that are a little more expensive but give you a good idea of the Italian village life. Sometimes they will have better products than the big supermarkets. Shopping in these also gives you an opportunity to practice your Italian.

Some shops close on Wednesday afternoon.
All shops are closed all day Sunday.

Supermarket: There is a modern, small but extremely well stocked Coop in Panzano-along the road which goes off to the left as you approach--it leads into the more modern part of Panzano and just round the corner is a really useful car park for the village and restaurants.

Market: Sunday

Bicycle hire: Contact +39 055 8561023 or email info@gate77.it

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