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Live like a local – responsible tourism

  • Live like a local – responsible tourism

    As local experts, we are passionate about Tuscany, its inhabitants, and the inspirational Tuscan way of life. We have spent decades learning about Italian culture and building important relationships with local businesses and providers. So much so that we even have an Experiences Desk  with the sole purpose of connecting you, our valued guests, with these individuals and their unique services.

    The rich history, food, architecture and sheer charm of Florence and Pisa mean not much convincing is needed to add these Tuscan cities to your itinerary. However, this region has an abundance of local businesses showcasing zero-kilometre produce, multi-generational recipes and a passion for the land maintained by their ancestors for hundreds of years.

    By discovering these unique, independent enterprises, you can experience life as a local in Tuscany. You have the chance to learn more about Italian culture and encounter business that remains untouched by mass media and tourism.

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